Now is a great time to start planning your next home renovation – here’s why!

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We think you’ll agree with us when we say that the Christmas rush is always a busy time. Between all the frantic present-buying and making decisions on who’s hosting the Christmas dinner, it’s fair to say you can find yourself a bit short on time. Plus, with the cold and wet weather outside, thinking about remodelling or building work is probably the last thing on your mind. But if you’ve got even any vague plans for any kind of building work on the horizon, there are a couple of excellent reasons why you should start considering them sooner rather than later, especially if it’s something as simple as replacing your laminate kitchen worktops. In fact, winter is a particularly great time to start making plans – and here’s why!

Giving yourself time to prepare with peace of mind

As we’ve just touched upon, if you’re thinking about a major renovation in the summer – or even something as simple as replacing your garden decking – it makes sense to give yourself all the preparation time you can get. Exterior renovations aren’t the sort of thing you can pull together in a few weeks! Even if you manage to get yourself organised, you’ll still need to arrange for the professional builders or relevant tradesmen, giving them time to source their materials and hammer out dates. If you get in touch with them too late, you might well find they’re all booked up until well past when you want the work to be finished.

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As well as giving yourself more flexibility in booking professional help, planning things early also gives you and your contractors plenty of time to foresee any issues. It can sometimes cost you a lot of time and money further down the line to have to make changes on the fly, and it can stop you from having time to enjoy what you’d planned to during the summer, such as your lazing about in your conservatory or on your decking. You can’t necessarily rely on another amazing 2018 heatwave!

Save money and hassle by booking in for the quiet periods

The good news is that when it comes to interior and indoors work, this tends to have far less of a strict timer on it, as it’s not subject to weather conditions quite as much. That means that if you’re thinking about small indoor jobs, there’s no need to put them off for for months and months. In fact, getting the job done sooner rather than later becomes an even better idea when you consider that skilled construction professionals and similar tradesmen tend to find themselves in far less demand in the winter months.

That means if you act quickly, you can even book in small jobs with professional tradesmen before the end of the year, as many of them will already have started winding down for Christmas. This quiet period for lasts well into the New Year, often at least through January. So if you book them early, you might even be able to benefit from reduced prices and greater flexibility in being able to make bookings. Also, with many minor things like window replacement, the colder winters can often last all the way until the end of February, allowing you to reap the benefits of saving energy for months yet. This is especially true if we get another nightmare of a snowstorm like the infamous Beast of the East we all experienced earlier this year. If another one rolls in, you’ll definitely be glad of the extra insulation! 

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If you’re looking to replace your worktops in winter, you can even have your old worktops replaced with fantastic newer versions (such as our brand-new Empire Slate), in just a matter of days – even sooner if you’re fitting the worktop yourself. In fact, whatever you’re planning to do with your worktops, we’ve you covered! Here at Savoy Timber, we’ve got a fantastic range of laminate kitchen worktops to choose from; at this time of year, our ultra-thin Zenith laminate worktops are particularly popular. You can see them for yourself at any of our DIY stores in Preston, Wigan or Blackpool, or just click here to find your favourites amongst our range!