Our ultimate guide to laminate worktops

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Replacing or buying a new laminate worktop can save you time, money, and hassle when compared to buying natural materials. Plus, laminate worktops require less maintenance and are easier to repair, and resistant to heat, water damage and casual knocks and bumps.

This makes laminate worktops a perfect choice for a large range of customers and kitchens. We’ve decided to answer the most common questions about laminate worktops to help you decide if it’s right for you!

Do laminate worktops come in standard sizes?

Yes. You’ll find a different standard size for worktop depth, length, and thickness.

The majority of the worktops on our website are supplied in an industry-standard depth of 600mm. Separately, our breakfast bars are supplied in a standard size as well, at a depth of 900mm.

The standard lengths for worktops start at 1m and increase incrementally in different lengths up to 4m. We can even cut them to size for you if you need a specific length to fit in your kitchen!

In addition to the wide range of lengths and depths, we have several standard sizes for worktop thicknesses, you can find anything from 12.5mm (ultra-thin) up to 40mm.

Laminate worktops have enormous flexibility to fit every type, size, and style of kitchen.

What are the most popular laminate worktop styles?

Laminate worktop styles change slightly from year-to-year. However, one thing that remains consistent is the grey, white, and wood-like styles. Neutral colours and textures are a popular choice as they fit with a large range of styles from modern, contemporary, and even traditional-style kitchens.

You can easily create exactly the look and feel you want with a neutral colour palette. If you need help choosing the right colour of your kitchen worktops we’ve already created a handy guide to help you!

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What’s more, people tend to gravitate to simple neutral colours in case they want to sell their home.

Right now, we’ve seen lots of people choosing concrete looking worktops and the ones that look like natural stone. This could be to the rise of these materials in luxury design television programmes, in print design magazines, and even on social media.

How much does a laminate worktop cost?

The cost of the worktop largely depends on three things the depth, style, and length.

If you want a standard worktop depth (600mm) and a 2m length will generally run you anywhere between £50-80. This is far cheaper than natural materials like wood and stone which can start at £100 for a 1m slab and it only goes up from there!

What are materials are used to make laminate worktops?

Generally, laminate worktops are made from particle board (chipboard) with a plastic coating (laminate) overtop. The coating protects the board on the inside.

Depending on the manufacturer and the style, a laminate worktop may have a 3D printed texture, heat resistant coating, and additional seals to protect against water damage. We stock a large range of laminate worktops including Zenith worktops that is 100% waterproof!

Are laminate worktops easy to install?

Laminate worktops are famously easy to install, provided you’ve got the knowledge and manpower to complete the job.

Since laminate worktops are lighter and easier to manoeuvre they can generally be installed by one or two people — unlike stone and marble counterparts. Plus, if you accidentally hit laminate on a doorframe during the installation process (or have a similar accident) you won’t instantly knock hundreds of pounds off the total value of the worktop.

The installation of a laminate worktop can take as little as a few hours to a few days, depending on the size and complexity of your kitchen. In fact, it’s an easy project that could be completed in a weekend.

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Do I need a joiner to install my laminate worktop?

No. Most people find replacing a worktop to be a fairly simple project that they can complete themselves. Especially once you combine that with the fact we offer professional joining and fabricating services — you’ll simply need to trim and install!

We’ve got decades of experience in this area, and our service can help you can save even more time, money, and hassle especially if you have a “U”, “G”, or “L” shaped kitchen. It means you won’t have to buy all of the specialist tools to complete the job, such as a joiner, table saw, jigsaw and other large tools.

Choosing a joiner is ultimately up to you and any budget or time constraints you may have.

Can a laminate worktop be trimmed to size?

Yes! In fact, you should always trim your laminate worktop to fit your kitchen perfectly. Many walls in homes look perfectly straight and square but aren’t (as they shift slightly over time). Depending on your existing kitchen, you may need to trim the worktop to fit using a jigsaw, table saw, or handsaw.

If you aren’t sure and want someone to do it for you, select our customer worktop services and have it trimmed down to size and shipped right to your door!

How do you clean a laminate worktop?

Simple – you’ll just need dishwashing liquid, warm water and a microfibre cloth.

Simply add a few drops of dishwashing liquid (about enough for a sink of dishes) to a 1-litre bucket half-filled with warm water. Wet and ring out your microfibre cloth (as you don’t want it soaking wet) and wipe in a circular motion. Repeat this until the worktop is clean. Job done!

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If you have stains, or you’ve noticed any streaking, try a solution of watered down vinegar and wipe with a clean rag. Make sure your solution is a 1:1 mixture of vinegar to water — you likely won’t need too much.

Don’t use any abrasive cloths, scouring pads, or powder cleaners on your laminate worktop as it may damage or crack the surface. Traditional laminate worktops only have a thin layer of laminate protecting the chipboard underneath. If the chipboard gets wet then it will expand and could ruin your worktop.

Can you repair a chip in a laminate worktop?

Most small chips in a laminate worktop can be repaired by you or a professional worktop resurfacer. We recommend you buy a laminate repair compound in a colour that closely matches your worktop.

You simply add the compound according to the manufacturer’s instructions and let dry. Generally, you only need to add a little bit of the compound directly to the chip — enough to cover the spot but not the whole tube. You may need rubber gloves to spread the compound if the chip is an odd shape. Then you’ll need to protect the area from any use or contact for at least 24-hours.

What’s the best laminate worktop to buy?

The best laminate worktop to buy is simply a matter of your personal preference! We recommend you choose a worktop with additional heat and water protection where possible, as this will increase the longevity of your worktop. This means your worktop will be more durable to accidental heat damage and even more resistant to scratches that may otherwise ruin a worktop.

At Savoy Timber, we’ve got an amazing range of worktops for you to choose from and you can browse our selection online and have it delivered to your door. Or if you want to see them up close pay a visit to one of our DIY stores in Preston, Wigan or Blackpool, where our friendly members of staff are always happy to lend a hand!