Refresh the style of your home with our top Palermo oak doors

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It’s amazing how much the style and build of your doors can affect the overall look of your home. Modern and ultra modern style is particularly on trend at the moment, and if that’s what you’re looking for, then you’ll be pleased to hear that we’ve got the perfect doors for you. Palermo oak doors are particularly popular at the moment, so we thought we’d take a moment to introduce to some of the current favourites. All of them are prefinished, which saves you both time and money when it comes to install them.

Palermo Style Pre-Finished Oak Door

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We’re kicking off with a classic choice – the Palermo Pre-Finished Oak door. This horizontal panel door arrives pre-finished, with a clear satin diamond hard finish. One of the first things you’ll probably notice about it is that it arrives unglazed, making it perfect if you’re after a bit of privacy. It’s great value, too – ideal if you’re furnishing your home on a budget. Straightforward and functional, its understated modern style makes it hugely versatile. It’s a perfect fit for a wide variety of settings, from modern homes to new builds, and it doesn’t detract from the style of period properties, either. If you’re looking to refresh your doors without breaking the bank, the Palermo Prefinished Door is a brilliant choice.

Palermo Prefinished Oak Door with Clear Glass

This clear glass Palermo door enhances the already-versatile Palermo Prefinished door with a single, vertical panel of clear glass, adding an extra touch of visual interest to its modern style. With natural light proven time and again to be one of the most important aspects people look for in new home, this door is ideal if you want to let a bit of light into the room, re-energising it with some extra brightness.

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In addition to that, it’s also useful if you want to keep tabs on what’s going on next door – for example, if the kids are playing in the front room. This door already has a high rating amongst our customers, and there’s even a frosted glass variant if you’re after a bit of privacy yourself.

XL Internal Palermo Oak Door with Clear Glass

For those looking to add the ultimate touch of modern style to their homes, you can’t beat this XL Internal Palermo Oak door. The clear glass of the vertical panel is enhanced by a wonderfully rich shade of wood, giving a real sense of luxury and style to your home. It’s been hailed as a truly stunning piece of craftsmanship, and we have to say at Savoy Timber, we don’t disagree! As well as all the handy benefits of the clear glass, most of our customers love it for its ability to refresh their homes with a cool modern aesthetic.

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Of course, those are far from the only oak doors we offer here at Savoy Timber! We’ve got a massive range of internal doors for you to explore at our three DIY stores across the North West. We’ve got sites in Preston, Blackpool and Wigan, so don’t hesitate to pop into your local store and take a look around!