Our 5 favourite decking trends of 2021 so far


There’s no doubt that the past 12 months have been strange ones, to say the least. From lockdowns to Covid tests, it’s been unlike anything in living memory for most of us! But during all of the general uncertainty, there have been a couple of silver linings that have kept us going, one of which was rediscovering our gardens! If you’re spending more time in your outdoor haven and relaxing on your timber decking, you’re not alone.

This soar in garden interest has also led to an increase in people donning their gardening gloves and recreating their space. In fact, in 2020, Brits bought 322 million more plants for their gardens than in 2019! If you’re one of those who have rekindled their love for their garden over the lockdown, you might be thinking of ways you can make it better than ever, and we’ve got the answer. What’s more versatile, stylish, and undeniably functional than a decked area? To turn your garden into a space you can work and relax in, here are our top 5 decking trends for this year and beyond.

1. Curved timber decking

Traditionally, decked garden areas have stuck to straight edges and square shapes. But we’re all one for breaking conventions at Savoy Timber, and apparently so are plenty of other people in the UK! This year, people are starting to think outside the box and start commissioning curved decking for a more unique look.

This is usually achieved by laying down straight planks and cutting them to a curved finish. A border piece of wood will then be placed around the entire length of the decking for a neat, stylish finish. If you’re a lover of all things modern, why not take your curved deck a step further and add different tiers?

2. Eco-friendly materials

Climate consciousness is increasingly important to countless people these days, even when renovating gardens. This year, homeowners are keener than ever to make eco-friendly choices, so it’s no surprise that decking materials are changing. From planks made from recycled materials to ensuring sustainably sourced wood is always used, we’re going eco this year – and that’s a trend that’s here to stay.

Composite materials

3. In-built lighting

In-built lighting works on two levels. First, of course, it adds a sleek, upmarket look to your decking and makes it feel more luxurious. But it’s also practical. By lighting the edges of your decking, you make it easier to spot in the dark, reducing the number of times people will trip up. If your decking is low to the ground, in-built edge lighting is a must!

The fact that the lights are built into the wood also reduces clutter and tripping hazards, making it no surprise this has become a big trend.

4. Covered decking

With more people working from home than ever before, timber decking has become an extension of the home, and covered decks are the perfect way to blend indoor and outdoor life. Whether you want to take your laptop outside on a sunny day or eat al fresco after spending all day in your home office, a covered deck is ideal! You can enjoy your garden whatever the weather, whatever you’re doing.

5. Getting creative with colours

Who says your decking has to be one uniform colour? Playing around with shades is a great way to liven up your outdoor area and bring some character to your garden. A huge trend this year is to incorporate multiple colours into your deck. So, why not stain alternating planks in different tones, or get out the paintbrush and paint for a more bold choice? With colour, you can transform your decking and create a space that’s uniquely yours.

These are just a few of the trends that could inspire your decking transformation this year, but they’re definitely at the top of our list! If you want to bring any of these into your garden, then we can help you. From composite and timber decking to add-ons and varnish, we have everything you need at Savoy Timber to create a deck you’ll be proud to show off. Shop our range online or visit one of our stores in Blackpool, Wigan, or Preston, where one of our staff will always be on hand to help!