Our 4 top tips for creating horrifying Halloween displays


Spooky season is upon us and as the nights draw darker and the weather gets colder, it’s a brilliant time to enjoy some spooky Halloween decorations. Each year the tradition of Halloween seems to get more popular and more elaborate, with the UK following our US counterparts in taking the event ever more seriously. So if you’re looking to put a bit of extra bite into your daunting displays this year, we’ve got a couple of tips you might just love. From spooky timber decking to help making your pumpkin last longer, we have you covered.

Bundle your decorations to create a gruesome garden

You may like to spread your decorations across your house, but the thought of creating a wicked walkway to your home will delight tricksters and scare the unsuspecting. If your garden has a path to your front door, create a haunted house effect by lining the path with frightening Halloween decorations. Think ghosts, pumpkins and battery-powered noisemakers. Don’t forget to include fake spiderwebs for added effect!

Save your pumpkins until later

Carving your pumpkin too soon before Halloween night will leave it with a short shelf-life. Whether you’re entertaining the kids or just dabbling in your creative side, try and wait until a few days before Halloween. Cutting away the centre stem of the pumpkin reduces their life drastically, so leaving those until you’re ready to scare will keep them fresh for Halloween and beyond.

halloween garden

DIY gravestones with terrifying timber

Well, timber is certainly one option at least – but to be honest, any old solid material you have spare could do the trick. Imagine the scene: you’re hosting a Halloween party and your decorations are at their spooky best. You know the names of your guests and want to add a little extra theming. A creative and fun way of sending a shiver up their spine is to create fake gravestones with the names of your guests on. Chip out their name in the timber and the year of their demise and give them a fright. Creative? You bet. Evil? Definitely.

Create a garden for ghost stories

While the timber decking in your garden will be a prime position for relaxing in the summer, as autumn comes it may be used less frequently. Halloween offers a chance to use it as an area to tell spooky tales. Perfect if you’ve got children, or some other younger guests this Halloween, set up your garden furniture with your existing spooky decorations, and even create a campfire style scenario (safely, of course!). Here, you can scare the daylights out of little ones with tales of haunted houses and the devil under your timber decking (can you tell we’ve really thought this through?) With any luck it will spook out your children and maybe any adults too! What more do you want on Halloween?

These small but effective plans are perfect for enhancing your Halloween set-up. Being able to use the space at the front of your house and your back garden timber decking can change your spooky scenery from fabulous to frightening in a few easy steps.
If any of these ideas take your fancy, or you have a few of your own, remember Savoy Timber for any timber you need. Our range of timber decking is high quality, and our store gives easy access to Wigan, Preston and Blackpool. So enjoy this Halloween, and try our terrifying tips… if you dare!