Get The Look For Less With Our Oak Effect Decking Boards

get the look for less with our oak effect decking boards feature image

One of the newest additions to our stock, our Oak Effect decking boards are amongst our premium products. That doesn’t make them any less comfortably affordable though, and they’re already finding great popularity with a lot of our customers here at Savoy Timber. This week on the blog, we thought it worth giving you a quick overview of the reasons why.

Perfect For Summer Decking Projects

As you’ll find, there’s lots to like about our oak effect decking boards, but let’s start off with the most obvious one; they look just great! They have a bright, rich colour that looks especially amazing in sunny weather, reflecting the sun’s rays to make the entire decking area look cheerful and welcoming. It’s just one more reason why summer is the best time to construct and enjoy your decking, and our oak effect decking boards are a perfect choice. Despite being a premium product, they remain as cost-effective as ever, so that you can get the look for less.

Our Oak Effect decking boards have a few extra practical advantages on their side, too. They come complete with MicroPro technology, which uses tiny copper particles to give the decking boards improved resistance against insects and fungal decay. When it comes to creating a sturdy, solid decking area, it’s just what the doctor ordered.

Our Oak Effect Decking Boards Are Made From High Quality Wood

Another indicator of the prime quality of our Oak Effect decking boards is their age. These boards have been slow-grown over the course of 80 years. Now, we won’t go too deeply into the ecological science behind it all, but just take our word for it when we say there’s a tonne of great advantages to using slower-grown wood for decking boards.

For starters, wood moves. It contracts when it’s dry, and when it’s wet it absorbs moisture, expanding in the process. This can sometimes cause any joints or cracks to open up, compromising the wood’s integrity. Old-growth wood, however, is known to be particularly stable, and doesn’t move about as much, which is one of the reasons it’s inherently stronger than many newer-grown types of wood.

What’s more, the wood’s age gives it a higher density, making it more resistant to both rot and insects. As you can imagine, when combined with MicroPro technology, this characteristic gives it fantastic protection against almost everything nature has to throw at it.

Durable, Cost-Effective, And Responsibly Sourced

Our ethics are important to us here at Savoy Timber, and we ensure that all of our wood is responsibly sourced by our suppliers. Sustainability is a key priority of ours, and we make certain of this by having all of our products accredited by third parties like the Forest Stewardship Council.

We pride ourselves on being a one stop shop for a huge range of decking products, so you can create your ideal decking space completely from scratch, without having to hunt back and forth between different retailers for the product you want. Amongst our stock is a broad array of decking kits, as well as a variety of decking balustrades that you can use to put the finishing touches on your decking.

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