How To Liven Up Your Decking For Summer

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Now that summer’s almost in full swing, you might be thinking how to liven your deck up a bit for the sunshine. We’ve got good news – we’re chock full of ideas here at Savoy Timber! What’s more, none of them break the bank either. Here are some of the easiest, simplest ways to add a bit of comfort and character to your timber decking in the warmer months.

Decorations Add A Bit Of Life To Your Decking

install a balustrade

Obviously everyone’s tastes are different, but at Savoy Timber we find that a potted plant or two on your decking is a great way to give it a bit of life and colour, and without going to too much expense. An evergreen, for example, keeps its colour no matter the season. It’s hardy and low-maintenance; two qualities that make it perfect for decorating your decking all year round.

Decking balustrades are also a top-notch way to put your own personal stamp on your decking area, and they’ve got the added bonus of making it safer for family members too – you’re able to corral your children and pets to where you’re more easily able to keep an eye on them, rather than having them disappear into distant shrubbery.

The Rising Sun design is a fantastically popular one with our customers, being both practical and quite jovial at the same time. (What’s not to like?) If you’ve not got children or pets to worry about, on the other hand, our decking rope is a cheap and cheerful option that leaves the view of your vibrant summer garden intact.

Sit Back And Relax With Some Decking Furniture

garden furniture

Patio furniture is often the first thing that springs to mind when we mention this, but it doesn’t have to be! You might have one or two chairs that are sitting about indoors unused – for example, you might have a few chairs spare from the kitchen or dining room. Repurposing these into some decking-specific furniture is a great idea (as long as you’ve got somewhere for them to go if it starts raining!).

This might not be limited to chairs either; a small bedside cabinet can be used as an outdoor storage unit for books, for example, or even just a place to rest a cheeky can of beer as you lay back in the sunshine.

Keeping Your Decking Looking Spick And Span

 oiling decking boards

Cleaning, oiling and staining your decking is always a good plan, especially with summer in full swing – nothing shows up marks, stains or other imperfections like the blazing summer sunlight! We’ve gone into the best way to get started on cleaning your decking in this blog here. But it’s about more than keeping it looking nice, too – decking that’s dirty can sometimes be unsafe (for example, someone can slip on a mossy surface), and as your deck is likely to see more foot traffic in summer, cleaning it thoroughly is a great way to guarantee everyone’s safety as you enjoy the better weather!

We’ve got great value garden decking here at Savoy Timber – not only with our best-selling softwood decking, but also with our brand new hardwood decking board. To take a look at what’s on offer, feel free to pop into any one of our stores in Blackpool, Preston or Wigan, where one of our cheerful staff members will be on hand to help out with anything you need.

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