Why Laminate Kitchen Worktops Are Your Best Option For Summer

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We all get excited when the summer comes around, especially here in Britain. The good weather brings plenty of opportunities for barbecues and garden parties, with the back door wide open and the smell of burgers and hot dogs wafting through the kitchen. Parties and family gatherings like these can put a bit of strain on your laminate worktops though – which is where laminate really comes in handy.

Summer Risks To Your Worktop

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Summer can bring all sorts of challenges in keeping your worktops looking tip-top. Everyone loves a family barbecue, but we all know what it’s like – with so many people milling in and out of the kitchen it suddenly becomes a very high-traffic area, which can bring a lot of associated risks to your work surfaces. There are casual bumps, scrapes and other collisions (for example, someone might drop and break a wine glass), and the volume of food coming and going open your worktops up to a lot more spills and stains.

Summer food like burgers and hot dogs are always popular, but unless you’ve got a particularly huge oven (or a small number of guests) it means that you’re likely going to have a constant cycle of food being taken from scorching hot environments and set down on your worktops. This can be devastating if you’ve chosen an attractive but easily damaged material – but with worktops from Savoy Timber, you’ve got nothing to worry about!

Why Savoy’s Worktops Are Best For The Job

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We stock a number of worktop types and materials in our massive range, but one of the most popular materials by far is laminate. Laminate worktops are particularly handy because they’re tough; they’ve been specifically designed for durability while still looking just as amazing as wood, natural stone or stainless steel. Worktops made of genuine marble, for example, definitely look the part, but they can be worryingly vulnerable to even casual impacts.

Another key advantage of laminate worktops that our customers always value in the summer is definitely the cleaning aspect. During summer parties it’s common to see abandoned food or forgotten tidbits littering your kitchen surfaces, as people wander away in conversation or children suddenly decide they don’t like their ice creams.

Laminate worktops are famously easy to clean, requiring only a cloth with some warm water and mild detergent. Most of the time, their strong natural resistances minimise the damage in the first place – they’re resistant to stains and marks, and each and every one is sealed by our engineers here at Savoy Timber, which makes them highly resistant to water damage. You’ll be thankful for it when someone catches a half-full beer bottle with their elbow!

What’s more, laminate worktops are even heat resistant, so you don’t have to worry half as much about them being marked when you set down hot plates or platters on them. (Obviously it’s still best to avoid putting anything too hot down on them anyway – although it’s tough, even a laminate worktop has its limits!

We’ve got a huge range of kitchen worktops to suit your style, so why not have a quick browse now? With a tough, easily cleaned laminate worktop, you can rest easy in the knowledge that your surfaces are protected, and any mess is easily cleaned – allowing you to properly enjoy your summer gatherings!

If you’re thinking about outfitting your kitchen ready for summer, why not pop into any one of our stores in Blackpool, Preston or Wigan, and have a chat with one of our friendly staff members. We’re here to help!

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