Kitchens in Garages: Innovative Uses For Your Worktops

Kitchens in Garages: Innovative Uses For Your Worktops

Garages are useful places for lots of reasons. You might be looking to set it up as the classic ‘man cave’ sort of space; a room to tinker with hobbies the house doesn’t have room for. Or you might be looking to set it up as a relaxation space: an extra living room of sorts. Even if you don’t have any grand plans for it, we’ve all got at least one of Those Drawers in the house. You know the ones we mean – the ones filled with stuff that’s not quite junk, but things you can’t seem to find a place for elsewhere. In all cases, there’s a slightly left-field idea that could help: setting up a kitchen in your garage. It might sound odd, but bear with us, and we’ll explain.

A Convenient Space for Extra Storage

Kitchens in Garages

Even the smallest, most efficient households still accumulate bits and pieces that no one wants to throw away. Boxes of very specific screws that you’re sure must be useful for something, various lengths of string, empty picture frames you still like and heaps of maybe-dead-but-maybe-not batteries. Cleaners are another example – specific types of bleach or chemicals you’re not quite comfortable with having in the main kitchen, or ones you don’t have room for.

A second set of cupboards and work-surfaces a kitchen offers might be equally well suited in your garage, especially if you’ve got bulky toolkits you can’t seem to find a home for. After all, even with cars in them, a lot of garages often end up with a lot of empty space. If that description matches yours, it seems only sensible to use it for storage.

A Handy Home for DIY

DIY tools

The same places that make kitchen worktops so useful for preparing food also make them equally useful as DIY surfaces. They’re sturdy, reliable and hardwearing, and as a bonus you don’t have to keep them as stringently hygienic as kitchen surfaces, so you probably won’t be as worried about marking them anyway. They’re also simple to clean – dust and other fragments of material are easily swept off them, and any fluids are equally straightforward to clean, again especially if you’re not as fussed about permanent marks.

These advantages overlap if you’re a motoring enthusiast, as they offer convenient waist-high surfaces to tinker away to your heart’s content, with your car or motorbike only feet away. Garages have always been highly regarded as potential space for these sorts of motoring man-caves!

A Home (Slightly) Away From Home

kitchens in garages innovative uses for your worktops

Man-cave or not, the sheer scale of the space in a garage also offers valuable potential for an extra living room, especially if for whatever reason it doesn’t have a car in it. It can make a perfect relaxation space, with plenty of room for cosy furniture, as well as power sockets for TV, music systems or even games consoles. Once again, kitchen worktops and cupboards perform a useful role in all this; they can be stocked with less perishable goods like beer or wine, so you can crack open a bottle in front of a DVD. Or if you’re not a big drinker, you can stock your kitchen units with rows upon rows of DVDs or video games, saving you from having to trek back into the house every time you want to change discs.

But That’s Not All…

Of course, you may have your own ideas for your garage, whether they’re minor adjustments or grand plans for complete transformations. Whatever the case, you could do worse than consider a space for kitchen worktops. You might be surprised at how they can help. If you have any questions about this post, or you’d like to make an enquiry, you can contact us on 0345 0268 799