Is Your Kitchen Ready For This Festive Season?

Is Your Kitchen Ready For This Festive Season?

Food, parties and people: the festive season puts a lot of pressure on your kitchen. Here’s how to get prepared.

We often take our kitchen worktops for granted, but it’s easy to forget how universally useful they are over the festive season. Here, we’ve outlined a few ways for you to get the most out of your kitchen worktops over the holidays, minimising your stress and maximising your quality time.

Great for Staying Ahead of the Crowds…

people partying in kitchen

We all know that laminate kitchen worktops are practical considerations, as they serve as valuable staging areas to serve up food in large family gatherings. When you have 10+ people milling around the house, you might find your space is suddenly limited – especially in the case of younger relatives, who have a tendency to sprint from room to room! Before the mealtime begins, you’re likely to want to corral everyone except your chosen helpers into a single place. Your worktops allow you to platter up your food straight from the cooker, giving it a place to sit before someone else ferries it to the dining area, where your hungry guests await. This gives you a bit more control over the proceedings, and ensure that none of your eager family members are tucking in before they’re supposed to!

For especially large scale-gatherings, you might even find that your dining space – whether it’s the living room or a dining room in its own right – isn’t quite large enough to accommodate everybody at once. Instead of feeding people in shifts, why not leave those final few platters on your kitchen worktops, and transform them into a second dining area with just the addition of a few bar stools. Of course, it may mean that the whole family won’t be able to sit and dine with each other all at once, but it’s still better than making half of them wait for their meal entirely, especially if it saves you from having to do two lots of cooking!

…Or Just Enjoying A Quiet Festive Season

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On the other hand, if your Christmas gatherings are more small-scale affairs, depending on how your kitchen is structured, your worktops can again serve a useful purpose as a miniature dining area. They’re solid, strong and very easy to clean in the event of spilled crumbs or sauce. What’s more, it makes your job easier; a few bar stools allow you to sit and socialise with your guests while keeping half an eye on that all-important Christmas cooking. Then once it’s done, it’s a very short journey to transfer it to the dining area, where you can tuck in almost immediately.

If you’ve got the food and you’re in the mood, you can even use your worktops to create a cheeky little buffet. Christmas is a time of indulgence, and while waiting for the big meal to arrive your guests will enjoy picking away at nibbles. Cupcakes and chocolates will always find a good home here, especially as lighter dessert options after the sturdy Christmas meals.

Getting Merry This Christmas

mulled wine

Your kitchen worktops are also especially useful places to store some of the Christmas spirits (pardon the pun). They’re usually high enough for children to have difficulty reaching over them, while keeping the alcohol within easy reach for adults. These types of structures, and others like them, effectively turn your kitchen into another socialising area, allowing you to entertain and relax without having to constantly divide your time between the festivities and the kitchen situation – whether that means having to periodically jump out of your chair to check on the turkey, or whether you’re just effectively chained to the oven until the food is served.

Still Need Help? Get In Touch

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