Are kitchen islands going out of fashion?

kitchen island

Now that we’re fast-approaching the end of 2018, we thought it would be a great time to reflect on the trends of the last 12 months, especially when it comes to laminate kitchen worktops. One thing we’ve noticed recently is a growing question amongst customers – are kitchen islands going out of fashion? Certainly homeowners have been getting creative with their approach to kitchen storage and seating by opting for portable butcher’s blocks, window seats, simple dining tables and small breakfast nooks. But does that mean the end for kitchen islands? To be honest, we think not – and here are a few reasons why!

Kitchen islands are great for storage

It can be quite surprising to consider the significant storage space that’s offered by something as simple as a kitchen island. They can be a great alternative to wall cupboards and drawers, making it possible for you to have that feature wall that you’ve always wanted, or allowing for more cupboard space if you’re a bit tight on wall space.

Similarly, they’re a great option to go for if you’re looking to add some personal touches to your kitchen. Your island might feature a built-in wine fridge – perfect if you often entertain guests. Or perhaps you might decide to build shelving under the counter of your island, where you can decorate the space with items which reflect your personality, such as books or ornaments.

They’re equally great for hosting guests

Kitchen islands often provide a needed break in the empty space of a kitchen. If you regularly have guests visiting, it’s always important to consider how your space affects your interaction with them. For example, if all of your worktop space and appliances are against one wall, this probably means that the host (that’s you!) will have your back turned to the rest of the room whilst preparing food or doing the washing up.

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But with a kitchen island, you can really open up the space you are able to use. Having a kitchen island in the centre of an L- or U-shaped scheme will instantly help you to create a more sociable space. With useable worktop space right in the centre of the room, your guests are able to sit around you and involved you properly in the conversation whilst you prepare their food.

A kitchen island can add character

With several shapes and sizes out there, islands can be a great way to get creative with the design in your kitchen. You might try sticking with one colour scheme for the rest of the kitchen and making your island stand out by going for a contrasting colour or material, or you might select a design for your island which marries beautifully with the flow of your kitchen. There are so many options! 

With all these benefits, we don’t really see how kitchen islands could ever go out of fashion! If you’re thinking about installing your own kitchen island in the New Year, consider making use of our expert worktop fabrication service. Our dedicated team can provide bespoke jointing and fabricating services for laminate, Zenith and solid wood worktops, including being able to fashion the perfect edge to the work surface on your kitchen island.