Key Considerations Before You Begin Your Decking Project (Part 2)

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We’re following straight on from our most recent post on key considerations before you start your decking project – but let’s be honest, you probably guessed that already. Last time, we covered your overall goals, the privacy and location, and your budget, so this week we’re looking at the size of the deck, the general aesthetics and lighting, and the best way to get it installed.

So…shall we get started?

1. The Size Of Your Decking

This broadly ties into a point we mentioned last week about privacy and location. When you’re sizing up where you plan to install your garden decking, obviously the size of your deck is going to factor heavily into the bargain. It’ll also partially be informed by the plans you’ve got for your deck – if you want to use it for storage, for example, you might not need for it to be as big as you would if you planned to install furniture on it. What we’re getting at is: will it fit in the space you’ve put aside for it?

Then you’ll want to think about the intricacy of the design. For example, do you want to install straight boards, or a chevron pattern? Complex patterns generally tend to take up more space, so you’ll need to think about that, too.

2. Getting The Look For Your Deck

the size and look of decking

Now, this is a particularly important point that we at Savoy Timber find that many people tend to overlook. When you’re thinking about patterns and the design of your decking, you’ll want to bear in mind how the finished design is going to look in terms of how it complements your home. There’s nothing worse than finishing the project to find out that it doesn’t do your home any favours!

It’s a good idea to select your favourite choice of materials and wood at this stage, too. Will you want something that’s more weather resistant, like our anti-slip decking boards? You can also look at your choice between softwoods, hardwoods or composite decking boards.

3. How Are You Going To Light Up Your Decking?

It might sound like a trivial concern, but as well as making your decking look nice, lighting is actually an essential issue of safety. At some point in time, you’re very likely to find yourself out there at least briefly in the dark, whether you’re packing up your daytime furniture, or you just need to collect something briefly from the garden.

Trust us, sprawling out onto your decking is pretty painful – and that’s not even counting the dangers to your family members if any of them risk doing the same! It doesn’t take much; even a few solar-powered lights can provide both safety and ambience in equal measures.

4. And Finally…

fixing decking yourself

Last but not least, do you have the skills to get it done yourself? Building a safe, sturdy decking area requires some level of carpentry, engineering and a healthy dose of DIY experience. The basic, freestanding platforms are obviously easier, but if you’re building on more unstable surfaces like sand, over water or even building your decking on a slope, it might be wise to think about calling in a professional in – or at least asking some professional advice!

Here at Savoy Timber, you can find exactly this kind of expert advice from members of staff in all three of our superstores across the North West, in Blackpool, Wigan and Preston – in addition to our huge range of decking products. Then, once you’ve finally got all the information to hand, you’re ready to get started building your deck! Why not stop by, and see what we can do to help?