Introducing Our Brand New UltraSlim Range Of Kitchen Worktops

ultraslim worktops feature image

We’ve got a very exciting brand new addition to our product range here at Savoy Timber; our new UltraSlim 22m laminate kitchen worktops. These worktops are exactly as sleek and elegant as they sound – with a 6mm profile on their wraparound front, they’re a fantastic alternative if you’re not sure the more traditional 30mm or 40mm weights are for you. Natural-material worktops – such as quartz or marble, for example – tend to lean more towards this sort of slimline construction. Now, you can choose from a range of laminate worktops that give you the look and feel of their natural counterparts, at a far more cost-effective rate!

Their streamlined look goes perfectly with traditional, modern and contemporary kitchens, but if you’re stuck for ideas on how to fit them in, this week on Savoy Timber we’ve taken the liberty of getting some ideas together for you.

Open Plan Spaces

If you’re lucky enough to have a glorious open-plan kitchen, you’ll likely find that thinner work surfaces have a great way of making a big space feel even bigger. Most open-plan kitchens are set out in a way that gives them the maximum feel of space, and you might feel that chunkier worktops just wouldn’t sit right in this kind of kitchen. In that case, you’re in luck – slimline worktops are definitely for you. Their sleek, unassuming structure keeps them from imposing too much on the rest of the space, keeping it feeling light, spacious and airy.

Smaller Kitchens

On the other hand, if space is at a premium, shall we say, slimline worktops are still an excellent choice – for broadly the same reasons! If you’ve got a bit less breathing room, chunkier, heavier worktops can make their presence felt even more keenly. This has the potential to make them a bit overpowering, with the overall effect feeling cluttered. A slimline worktop, on the other hand, can help keep the kitchen looking tidy, streamlined and neat.

By the way, this would be a great point to think about colour, and how it affects your kitchen. If you’ve got a smaller space to work with, the effect of individual colours is amplified – which isn’t a bad thing! Choosing a brighter colour like White Andromeda Gloss, for example, will reflect and highlight the natural light in the room, making it feel lighter and fresher – just what a smaller kitchen might need!

In fact, speaking of which…

Don’t Be Afraid To Experiment With Colours

The sleek design of slimline kitchen worktops means that they have an altogether more subtle effect than many of the 30mm and 40mm kitchen worktops. This means it can be a great opportunity to experiment with colours, and seeing how they affect the existing colour scheme of your kitchen.

For example, the Black Andromeda Gloss can make a great finishing touch to many handleless kitchens, giving a moody edge to an otherwise neutral colour scheme. Meanwhile, as we explained above, a White Andromeda can do exactly the opposite, brightening up a space you might perceive as a little too dark and drab. If you find your colour scheme to be a bit bland, on the other hand, the Carrera Marble Gloss can add an intriguing hint of subtle detailing to an otherwise relatively blank canvas.

The possibilities don’t stop there, but those were just a taster. We’re sure you’ve got your own ideas! Whatever you end up deciding, you can revel in the fact that your new slimline laminate worktops will look just as beautiful and classy as their counterparts from natural materials. The difference is though, that not only is laminate more cost-effective, but it’s even more resistant to stains and casual wear and tear.

Get the look for less on your kitchen worktops today – you can browse our full range of UltraSlim 22mm laminate worktops here. On the other hand, you could always visit any of our stores in Preston, Wigan or Blackpool, where our friendly members of staff will be happy to run you through our products in person, and answer any questions you might have.

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