The Ideal Kitchen Worktops For Busy Kitchens

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It can be difficult to choose worktops for a busy household. You might be a parent with energetic children, or you could be a landlord with…somewhat laid back tenants, should we say. (Students aren’t known for their devotion to worktop maintenance.) It’s likely, then, that you’re not keen to shell out on expensive authentic materials. You’ll want a kitchen worktop that’s hardy, does the job, and looks great doing it. Well, we’ve got good news for you here at Savoy Timber – we’ve got no shortage of those.

Why Laminate Is A Great Choice For Your Kitchen Worktops

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When looking for the perfect worktops for a busy kitchen, there’s no question that laminate worktops are absolutely the right choice. Why, we hear you ask? Lots of reasons! Firstly, although it comes in a number of styles and gradients that can make it look like all manner of materials, it still stays cost-effective – which means you can get the look for less. As well as being low-cost, it’s equally low maintenance, being both easy to clean and maintain. It’s antibacterial by nature, making it a poor home for germs, and it’s brilliantly durable, being resistant to scratches, casual impacts and burns alike. Laminate’s various materials make it incredibly versatile for any style of kitchen – as you can see from our first suggestion.

Blocked Oak 40mm Laminate Kitchen Worktop

blocked oak 40mm laminate worktop

This blocked oak worktop gives all the aesthetic appearances of wood, with none of the downsides. It’s a great all-rounder worktop that works equally well with traditional or contemporary styled kitchens. It’s got all the key advantages of laminate worktops, including the trademark durability and resistance to both heat and water damage.

Its wraparound profile makes also makes it more suitable for high-traffic households. An ABS square edge profile can well prove marginally more dangerous in these sorts of environments, as the sharp edges can present the risk of injury for small children if they bump into it at high speed (which is often their default setting).

Luxury Black Sparkle Gloss 40mm Laminate Kitchen Worktop

Luxury Black Sparkle Gloss 30mm Laminate

An even bulkier model of laminate worktop, this Luxury Black Sparkle Gloss worktop is even more equipped to handle the casual bumps, knocks and impacts of a busy kitchen. Its colour is particularly handy, too; while it looks stylish and glossy, any burn marks or scratches won’t show up quite as clearly as they would on a more brightly-coloured worktop. This is especially great news for landlords; if the people using the worktops aren’t the same people who’ve paid for them, they’re generally not as careful around them as a homeowner would be.

What’s more, this worktop has been manufacturer sealed with a protective film over the laminate, giving it even more durability and water protection.

UltraSlim Carrara Marble Gloss 22mm Laminate Kitchen Worktop

UltraSlim Worktops

This sleek contemporary styled worktop – part of our all-new UltraSlim range – might require a bit more care and attention than the others, so is perhaps more one for a family home than student digs, but it’s a brilliant worktop to choose if you want to take advantage of laminate’s natural durability. You can have an elegant worktop that looks stunning, but with none of the vulnerability or expense of the real thing. Enjoy fantastic eye-catching aesthetics without worrying about lingering stains – laminate’s ease of cleaning means they’ll require less elbow grease than other worktops. It’s all of the beauty with none of the effort – what more could you want?

Of course, the options don’t stop there – we’ve got a whole range of fantastic laminate worktops to suit any taste and style. Click here to take your pick, and don’t forget about our expert jointing and fabrication service. That’s what we call DIY Made Easy!

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