Dream Kitchens: Creating The Ideal Kitchen For Entertaining

Dream Kitchens: Creating The Ideal Kitchen For Entertaining Feature Image

Getting your kitchen ready for the many demands of proper entertaining is never easy. After all, how you shape it depends on a great many factors. What sort of events do you plan to host? How many people are you going to entertain at one time? How do you plan to serve food? These are all questions you need to at least think about, if not necessarily answer, before you get started. In the meantime, here are a few handy tips on how to handle your space.

The Way You Cook Tonight

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One of the first things you should be considering when building your kitchen are the appliances you’re going to use. In a busy environment when there are many demands on your time, you don’t want to have any delays because of faulty or inefficient appliances. Think about whether your existing appliances are up to the job, and have a look at handy restaurant-style gadgets – they might save you some all-important time on certain meals if you’re practised or enthusiastic about cooking them.

Another major consideration is space. The function of your space is important at the best of times, but doubly so when entertaining. Especially in the cases of crowds, you need to think about how you’re going to funnel people around your kitchen so that people aren’t getting in each other’s way. Shape your kitchen furniture to accommodate a ‘flow’ of traffic, so that people are moving to get drinks, food and desserts all in one direction. Your kitchen worktops are a natural choice to lay out food, but make sure your guests won’t be moving into your cooking space!

This leads us neatly onto our next point – efficient kitchen functionality hinges on creating zones for your guests. Split up your kitchen worktops: designate your own cooking space first, and then divide the rest. Not only do you want to be protecting of your cooking space, but those who are eating should be separate from those who’re getting their food; as the people who are still will want to be out of the way of people who are moving. Kitchen islands can also prove especially handy in these circumstances, serving as a space for those who’ve already got their food to sit and tuck in.

The Space To Be

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Once you’ve got your functionality down, you should start concentrating on dressing up your kitchen. It might sound frivolous, but a space that looks good is important – people don’t feel comfortable in a space that’s too blank or clinical. Don’t be afraid to inject some personality and colour into your kitchen. After all, it’s your home, and it’s essentially a reflection of yourself. Set the mood – bold colours and statement lighting can ease people into your home. Scatter some ornaments about, and put some of your favourite artwork on the walls to communicate your own unique sense of style. If you’re worried they might be controversial or distracting, all the better for conversation! Your events can be host to a whole range of people, some of whom may not know each other, and a uniquely styled kitchen can provide some fantastic icebreakers.

If you’re not comfortable with that – or can’t decide on a sense of style – you can do it the other way around by letting the mood of your functions dictate how the space looks. If they’re formal affairs for colleagues and associates, darker colour schemes often look sophisticated and restrained, while lighter tones provide a brighter, easier atmosphere that’s perfect for casual parties!

We’re Here To Help

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Whatever you go with, you can rely on us to be here to help. At Savoy, we have a range of kitchen worktops to suit your needs. If you’re going for a glossy worktop, contemporary look, you can browse our range here, whereas traditional kitchens might benefit from our wood-looking worktops. You can always contact us on 0345 0268 799, and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have.

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