How to organise your kitchen to keep your laminate worktops tidy

laminate worktop

You’ve probably heard it said that the kitchen is the heart of the home. A place of chatter, socialising and of course, gastronomic goodness. Realistically though, on a day to day basis it’s also a very busy environment, and oftentimes it can go from spotless to messy in a matter of hours – especially in the average family home. If this is a problem you find yourself facing, and you want to keep your laminate kitchen worktops looking spotless, we have a few essential tips that you might find helpful.

Organising by convenience

This is a tough but simple step in worktop organisation. Do you use your smoothie machine, your toastie maker or your blender every single day? If the answer is no, for any of these, then we recommend putting them away somewhere. Whilst these gadgets may look cool, if they’re not in regular use, they may simply be collecting dust on your worktop. The space these pieces of kitchen tech take up could be better used for other things you use much more frequently, allowing for your worktop to remain decluttered. Take this necessary step and it’ll suddenly become much easier to keep your kitchen clean.

Your worktop is one of the most visible parts of the kitchen, and it’s one of the first things that will spring out to visitors. If you’re looking to organise, we recommend thinking to yourself “does this need to be here?” when deciding whether something stays on the kitchen worktop or gets stowed away in a cupboard or drawer. For example, a spice rack will likely remain on the worktop, as the colours make it aesthetically pleasing and the aromas are an added bonus, but chopping boards may be better hidden away, as they’re used frequently, often don’t look attractive and are quite clunky pieces of kitchenware. Most kitchens also have allotted sections for specific things such as cutlery, foods, and cleaning apparatus, so be sure to use them to minimise the mess on your worktop.

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What works on top of your worktop?

Your beautiful laminate kitchen worktop is now already significantly cleaner and more organised, now you can get creative! Do you have mason jars spare? Stick your pastas, lentils, and rice in them. Have you got a ceramic bowl lying around? Why not grab some fruits out of the fridge and create a collage of colour? There are plenty of kitchen accessories that compliment your worktop perfectly and go a long way in keeping them organised. Your kitchen knives slot perfectly into a knife block, or you may even want them hanging from the wall with a magnetic rack. Spatulas, slotted turners, and other utensils can be stored on a hanging rack too, but a holder works just as well. There’s ample room for creativity here – it’s your kitchen, after all!

To summarise, the kitchen does not need to be a space of clutter, with a few easy steps, your worktop can remain as good as new. We’ve offered a number of suggestions here, but we’ve also left you plenty of room to get creative with your organising so that your kitchen feels unique to you and your family. Here at Savoy Timber we have a huge range of laminate kitchen worktops to choose from to style your space – our ultra-thin Zenith range of laminate worktops is perfect if you’re a fan of a more contemporary atmosphere, while our Oak Effect laminate kitchen worktops are just some of the many options you’ve got if you’d like a more traditional feel for your kitchen.

You can browse them right here on our site, and we also stock them in our DIY stores in Blackpool, Preston or Wigan. We’re dedicated to helping you to shop safely during the ongoing Covid-19 situation, so don’t forget to check our latest Covid-19 service update before you visit!