How to make your deck feel more cosy in time for spring!

Cosy garden decking

Building a deck is an excellent way to entertain guests, family, friends, or even to enjoy a little peace and quiet. Turning your decking into an inviting, cosy place to hang out in the spring is fast, easy, and doesn’t require a huge budget!

We’ll share a few tips to help you prepare your deck for spring to make the most of the beautiful weather (once it arrives)!

Rearrange your seating

A quick and easy way to make your deck feel more cosy is to simply move your outdoor furniture closer together! This will help reduce the floor space and can create a much more inviting and cosy atmosphere — perfect for a cuppa and conversation.

decking in the sunshine

Plus, if you add a nice coffee table, a few pillows, or a rug you can transform your deck into an outdoor room that feels and functions more like an extension of your home.

Create a stand out focal point

Another way to make your deck feel more like a room or extension of your living space is to create a focal point. A focal point is simply a colour, object, or feature to draw the eye in to make a space feel inviting, and can be anything you want!

Popular deck focal points include unique planters, rugs, a sitting area, or even a fire pit. These items visually signal to visitors (and even your family) that it’s a gathering place for people to sit and visit.

Add outdoor lighting or heating

Outdoor lighting and heating is another way you can make your deck feel more cosy, especially since we still have very cool evenings in late winter and early spring. A popular design trend is to pick up a deck lighting kit that allows you to incorporate lights right into your timber decking!


This will give your deck a nice glow and will make it easier to see if there is any lingering damp or other sorts of hazards on your deck — particularly helpful in winter and autumn. If you have a lattice or overhang, you could consider add lighting in the form of LED strips or a string of Edison bulbs. A string of lights is a simple way to create outdoor lighting scheme that feels natural and inviting.

And if you’re looking to really take your decking to the next level, you could add a heat lamp! This will give you both a heat source and a bit of extra light that will allow you to stay outdoors comfortably for longer during the cooler months. (Or if you’re lucky, even some of the warmer winter ones…)

Plants, plants, and more plants!

Last but not least, consider adding more plants to your deck. You can help to create an inviting social space (indoors and outdoors) with the addition of plants. Be sure to get planters in multiple heights to help create visual interest, and ensure that the plants can all get the amount of sunlight they need to survive.

In addition to varying the height of the plants, be sure to vary the colour of the pots and choose ones with a nice contrast. Varying dark and light colours can add depth and dimension to your garden.

Now that you know how to make your deck cosy in the spring, it might be time to give your deck a quick inspection. Do you need any replacement decking boards? If so, we’ve got you covered with our super saver, value, and deluxe decking boards!

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