How Best To Look After Internal Oak Doors

cleaning and maintaining oak door

We may not realise it, but the state of our internal doors actually say a lot about our homes. Not just in terms of styling – though that’s a favourite topic of ours here at Savoy Timber – but also in terms of the condition of your home. Old, worn or damaged internal doors don’t give the best impression of the rest of your interior, even when everything else is completely spick and span. We’re here to help you avoid that, with a quick but useful guide on how to keep your oak internal doors looking tip-top.

Getting A Shine On Unvarnished Wood

Unvarnished internal oak doors generally look warm and rustic, often perfect for country homes, or if you’re going for a traditional aesthetic. Plus, it’s both simple and easy to keep them looking at their best. First, get a bucket, and fill it with some hot water – along with a small splash of detergent. Careful not to overegg it too much, as too much detergent can actually damage your door. After that, add a small drop of vinegar, and a splash of olive oil, and mix it all together a little bit.

bucket and sponge

Then, with a washing up sponge, carefully squeeze out some of the mixture onto the door, and wipe it across the wood. It’s much like how we’ve previously advised you to clean your decking – basically, gently does it, and make sure you’re wiping with the grain, not across it. Don’t let water stay on the wood for too long (or your door may become damp, which is exactly what you don’t want), and once you’re done, wipe it all away with a clean cloth.

Meanwhile, if you want to bring out some more of the colour in the wood, you’ll want to use a light mixture of hot water and olive oil. At Savoy Timber we’d recommend about adding 15ml of water to 4 litres of water, and again using a clean cloth to wipe the mixture across the door. It’s perfect for bringing out the depth and colour in the grain, but without leaving any grease or film.

Bringing Out The Best In Varnished Wood

Varnished wood, on the other hand, requires a slightly different approach. It’s a good plan to regularly clean and polish the door, and get yourself some specialist wax to maximise its protection from dust and humidity. Properly applying the wax might involve taking the door off its hinges, to save your arms from getting too tired.

shiny oak door

As we said above, don’t overestimate the amount of wax you’ll need – it only takes a small amount, and again make sure you’re always working with the grain. Once you’ve completed a single layer, let your internal door dry out for a full day (24 hours), and see what you think. If you’re not yet totally satisfied, you can take your pick from applying another coating or simply buffing up your first one.

If you need any specialist help or advice, here at Savoy Timber we’re always happy to assist! You can talk to a friendly member of our team at any one of our three superstores in Preston, Wigan or Blackpool – and don’t forget to check out our broad range of door accessories!