How to get your decking ready for spring

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Spring brings new energy and new hope for the year ahead, and of course it’s the perfect time to clean your home from top to bottom. Don’t forget the exterior of your home, however, as your decking can also benefit from a spring clean or some pre-spring maintenance. The return of warmer weather means that you and your loved ones will be able to spend more time on your deck, but you need to ensure that your decking is ready for another season of fun and enjoyment. Don’t worry, all you have to do is follow these three simple steps.

1. Say goodbye to green areas

Our wet and windy winters can leave grooved decking covered in leaves, mulch and more, so your first task as spring approaches should be to sweep these away, as well as any water that’s also accumulated there. Once you’ve done that, you may see unsightly green areas and this means that you have moss or algae growing there. Combat this with a moss and algae killer that you can buy from your local garden centre or DIY store. Follow the instructions carefully, as typically you’ll need to leave the algae killing agent in place for a length of time before cleaning it away; saying goodbye to green decking can also make it less slippery, which is another important consideration.

2. Clean your decking

Decking is a beautiful addition to any property, so once you’ve got a deck, you’ll want to spend as much time there as possible. The more you use your deck, the dirtier it will get, especially if you hold barbecues on it or use it for a spot of al fresco dining. Once the winter thaw has taken place, and the rainy days have cleared away, it’s the perfect time to clean the deck, removing any mud or fat stains, for example, that may be there. Clean your deck with water and a gentle detergent, such as washing up liquid. You can use a hose and brush, but never be tempted to use a wire brush, strong cleaning agents or a power washer as these can damage the surface, particularly if you have wooden decking.

3. Stain or oil your deck

There are few things more stylish than a natural wood deck, but composite decking can be aesthetically pleasing too. If you have a wooden deck, it’s vital that you give it an annual treatment to stop its beauty from fading away. Over time, an untreated deck will take on a silver or grey hue, and this can happen in as short a time as a year. It’s caused by UV rays from sunlight, so it’s vital to add a stain or tinted oil to your deck to prevent UV light from reaching the surface. Only use stains or oils that are specifically for decking, as they need to be both weather and impact resistant.

Staining or oiling your deck, cleaning it gently but thoroughly, sweeping away debris and using an algae killer if required should all be part of your pre-spring activities for your decking. Doing this will give you decking to be proud of year after year, and will mean that you get even greater longevity and value for money from your deck. And if you’re looking for more detail on that, we’ve actually got another post on oiling your deck which takes you through the process in far more detail. Don’t forget, you can always swing by any of our DIY stores in Blackpool, Preston or Wigan, where we’ve got a fantastic range of products to get your decking looking exactly as you want it.