How to design a minimalist kitchen on a budget

Making Every Penny Count: Upgrading Your Kitchen On A Budget

Minimalist kitchens are popular because they reduce clutter, can add value to your home, and can make the space feel open, look bright, and clean. The design for minimalist kitchens is simple but sometimes the price tag associated with a new kitchen can be a tough pill to swallow.

That’s where we come in! We know you can create a minimalist kitchen on a budget, as a savvy DIYer, armed with a little know-how and some ingenuity.

The trick is knowing how and where to start – we’ll show you how!

What is minimalism?

Minimalism has been around since the 1950s due to the influences of modern art where artists explored how life is most beautiful when it’s simple and has purpose.

This idea eventually translated into kitchen design and has seen a resurgence in recent years appearing in popular home renovation shows.

Typically, minimalist kitchen design is made of three elements: bright colours (like white or light grey), clean lines (free from handles or fixtures), and large open space with surfaces free from clutter.

Less is less

To start you on your journey towards a minimalist kitchen – go through your kitchen item by item. And in line with the principles of minimalism, ask yourself these three questions. Does this item bring joy? Does it have sentimental value? Does this item serve an explicit purpose?

If you answered “yes” to one of these keep the item. But, if you answered “no” then clean it up and donate it. You can donate or recycle to a range of places, like friends, family members, neighbours, charity shops, shelters, or recycling centres.

Getting rid of unused items means less clutter, less things taking up space in your kitchen, and less to clean! Plus, clearing out space will help make room for things you need.

Do you need that appliance?

Many people have a mixer, kettle, toaster, coffee maker, or food processor in their kitchen. Trying to part with any of these items might be an instant deal breaker but, if you are looking to keep with the minimalist kitchen design you may need to think about them in a new way.

Consider first if you really need the appliance – if you do – where can you store it? If storing it away doesn’t look possible have you considered appliance alternatives?


For example, there are tons of high-tech appliances which can be integrated into your kitchen like boiled water taps to replace kettles. Or if coffee is your preference, you may also consider a built-in coffee machine in lieu of a standing coffee machine. There are also tons of appliances with multiple duties, like food processors, mixers, juicers, and sausage makers.

Sand it down

Generally, minimalist kitchens don’t have fixtures. If you want this look and have wood cabinets, you can fill the fixture holes with wood putty, sand them all down and give them a fresh coat of paint or stain – depending on the look you want to achieve.

But, if for some reason you need to keep the cabinets the same, you can modernise the look of the cabinets by replacing the fixtures. Of all the styles, elongated fixtures in brass, copper, or silver finish will help keep the look of your kitchen streamlined.

Creating a focal point

Remember with minimalist kitchen design, the point is to let neutral colours like white or grey dominate the space. You can add interest to a minimalist kitchen by adding pops of colour by using decorative flowers (fresh or fake), candles, bowls of fruit, curtains, or feature walls.


We’re hard wired to respond emotionally to colour which is why selecting one in your kitchen needs to be properly considered. Will your kitchen be a place to relax? If so stick with natural and muted colours like sage green, grey, pale blues, pinks, yellows, oranges.

If you kitchen is a vibrant and energetic space – you could go very bold with colour either bright or dark depending on your preference.

Choose your worktops

Last but not least, if you are updating your kitchen it’s likely you’ll want to get a new kitchen worktop to finish off the look. Our range of Zenith worktops are high quality, hard wearing, durable, and heat resistant, and will fit perfectly with a minimalist style!

zenith ultra thin kitchen worktop in kitchen

The main takeaway is to pick a work that compliments your colour scheme and fits with the kitchen’s look and feel. We’ve got plenty of options here at Savoy no matter what style, colour, thickness, texture, or look you are after.

Simply pop-into one of our stores in Wigan, Blackpool, or Preston to see what styles we have in stock.