How to decorate your kitchen for Christmas on a budget in 2020

christmas cover

Can’t believe it’s nearly Christmas? Yeah, we can’t either. But nearly Christmas it is, nonetheless. And it’s fair to say that all the upheaval of this year means that lots of us have exceptionally tight pockets this year, even when it comes to the festive season. Happily, that’s exactly where we can help here at Savoy Timber. With our extensive range of cheap laminate kitchen worktops, we’re no strangers to helping our customers get the look for less. So, here are a couple of our festive suggestions!

Get creative with some Christmas greenery with your laminate worktops

The humble Christmas tree is the eternal staple of the festive season, but not everyone has the time, the space, or even the inclination to install one in their kitchen. But you’ll be glad to hear there are a couple of ways around that. For example, you can express your creative side by using some low-tack washi tape to create an artful 2D Christmas tree on your wall.

Alternatively, if you prefer the look and feel of real greenery, you can go for a miniature sprig, which can get a nicely understated festive atmosphere across just as well. Just place it in a small container or vase, and maybe tie a bit of colourful twine around its tips. And of course, that’s to say nothing of that other timeless Christmas staple – a hearty wreath! These can be hung on doors, laid out on dining tables, or arranged on walls, and decorated to your heart’s content. If you’d prefer something modest and understated like the sprig on your worktop or table, then a plain green wreath might be just the thing for you. But if you’d prefer to inject it with a bit more colour, it’s a great little project for you to do with some other younger family members!

Is Your Kitchen Ready For This Festive Season?

Get crafty with your decorations

We’ve all got boxes of Christmas decorations kicking about somewhere, whether that’s tucked away in the loft, or at the back of a little-used cupboard. Now is their time to shine – and if they don’t look like they’ll be doing a lot of shining, you can think of a few new ways to display them. For example, you could fill some unused jars with baubles, for a nice bit of sparkle perched atop your kitchen worktops.

Alternatively, you could hang them individually from the handles of your kitchen cupboards, which always has a nice cheerful feel. (Just be careful around the cupboards above the hobs, as baubles can shatter under intense heat!)

You could even get crafty in a more literal sense, if you’re looking for a few activities to keep yourself and the kids entertained over what’s bound to be a slightly more subdued Christmas this year. If you live near any rural areas, you can go out foraging for sticks and twigs, which can be bound together into simple shapes like stars or triangular trees. If you’d like you can tape a thread of lights through your finished creation to give it a nice twinkly feel.

And don’t forget, if you find yourself a little short on baubles and the like, you could even create your own Christmas decorations with a bit of glue and coloured paper. It’s impressive what you can do with the right attitude and a crash course on origami on YouTube.

One thing we would say though is to steer clear of scented candles in your kitchen. They might be great festive additions to other rooms in your house, but in your kitchen they can end up competing with cooking smells, which can create some… interesting mixtures which aren’t always pleasing to the senses.

And if you’re thinking about switching out your laminate kitchen worktops as a little gift to yourself, here at Savoy Timber we can help there too. Whatever you’re looking for, you can be sure that we’ll have a kitchen worktop to suit your style here at Savoy Timber. You can browse them right here on our site, or if you’d like to see them in the flesh, you can always pay a visit to one of our DIY stores in Preston, Wigan or Blackpool, where one of our staff will be only too happy to assist you if you have any questions!