How to choose the best budget lighting for your kitchen island

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Kitchen islands have transformed our homes; they make a stylish addition to any property, and are a perfect way to begin your day, prepare meals or simply spend time with the ones you love. Today’s kitchen worktops and islands have become even more practical, meaning that you have a larger surface to work on, and can also be incredibly beautiful, especially when you have great lighting in place. Kitchen island lighting doesn’t have to be an expensive purchase, so here’s how to choose high quality lighting even if you’re working on a budget.

If you want lighting for food preparation

The key to choosing the right kitchen island lighting on a budget is to understand what you primarily use your laminate kitchen worktop for. Pendant lights will suit all purposes to some extent, but getting the right kind of lighting can make a big difference. If the main use of your kitchen island is food preparation, such as chopping, blending and mixing, then task lighting is a perfect choice. Task lights give targeted illumination to a sizeable area of the island, meaning that you can see your ingredients in sharper focus. This can also lead to a safer food preparation area.

If you want lighting to highlight a feature

High quality kitchen islands and worktops can be a stunning sight, and having accent lighting can draw attention to features or patterns in the surface. This can be particularly effective if you have a natural stone work surface, or one that has a speckled effect, as the light playing across a particular area can make it seem as if it shimmers like a diamond. By combining two or more pendant lights, you can then accentuate more than one area of the kitchen island, or create interesting contrasts between illumination and shadow.

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If you want your kitchen island to be the star of your room

When you have an attractive kitchen island, you’ll find that the eyes of guests are naturally drawn towards it; you can accentuate this power and make it the real star of your room by using decorative lighting above it. The key to succeeding with decorative lighting is to choose lighting which not only provides adequate illumination but which is also pleasing on the eye in its own right. Pendant lighting is available in many shapes and sizes, so find ones which have a unique character of their own but which also complement the colours and features already in place in your kitchen.

Choosing the right kind of pendant lighting for your kitchen island the first time means that you won’t have to spend extra money on making another purchase further down the line. Compare and contrast a few lighting options that meet your requirements, and look for ones that have good reviews whilst still offering superb value for money. The right lights can make your kitchen worktops look spectacular.

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