How To Be Creative On A Budget With Your Decking

how to be creative on a budget with your decking feature image

As you can imagine at Savoy Timber, we appreciate a bit of creativity when it comes to decking. So we were chuffed when a customer sent us some images of his recent project; they’re really something to see! Best of all, it had a short timescale, a low budget, and the final results are no less impressive.

What Our Customer Ordered

painted spindles

It’s not a long list! Though we do sell raised decking kits of our own, our customer already had a raised platform in his back garden. All he needed from us was:

  1. Turned decking spindles
  2. Turned decking newel posts
  3. Turned decking handrail kit

We don’t charge the earth here at Savoy Timber, which means that he was able to achieve what he wanted on a low budget, too – music to anyone’s ears! Armed with everything he needed, he went straight to work.

How To Be Creative On A Budget

finished project

Step 1

Using paint he had ready at home, our customer lovingly painted each one of his spindles to be a different colour, with reds, yellows and blues. We like the yellow ones best for some reason, although we admit we might be being biased here at Savoy Timber. As you can see from the image, he’s achieved a sweet, colourful effect that’s got a satisfying sense of symmetry about it, too. While he had the brushes handy, he also splashed a quick coat of white paint on the newel posts, as well as the handrails.

Step 2

With the painting done, he just needed to put it together. He installed the newel posts and handrails according to our decking kit instructions. We’re going to be bold and take a bit of credit for that – at Savoy Timber, our priority is making things as quick and easy for you as possible, so that you spend the minimal amount of time faffing about when putting everything together, leaving you more time for fun stuff like this!

Step 3

Once everything had been painted and installed, all it took was the addition of a couple of patio chairs and a small glass table, and already the space looks cheerful and inviting. You’ll notice that this effect has been achieved with the bare minimum of furniture, yet it still looks welcoming and homely.

Plus – and this is just our personal opinion here at Savoy Timber – there’s just something so charmingly British about it all. The vibrant colours are offset by the simple white shade of the posts and handrails, creating a final effect that puts us in mind of shopfronts on a seaside. It’s quaint and restrained, but gives the space a fantastic sense of character, and one that’ll put a smile on your face every time you see it.

So…How Will You Express Yourself?

Even if it’s not quite your cup of tea, you can’t deny that it’s a true masterclass in creativity. It’s a simple job with simple, cheap components that’s still admirably impressive. In doing it, our customer has shown that being creative doesn’t have to be a massive project or intensive undertaking. As we’ve said, we do our best to save you as much of the hard graft as possible here at Savoy Timber, so you can let your imagination go to work!

If you’re having trouble with inspiration, think about what sort of impression you want the space to give. Cosy? Friendly? Peaceful? What makes you feel at peace, and how can you apply that to your decking area? It could be a lick of paint here and there – perhaps of your favourite colour – or it might be a particular type of pot plant. It could be anything! It’s all up to you, and however you want to feel.

We try and help where we can here at Savoy Timber, and part of the way we do that is by stocking a massive range of products to give you as many options as possible when deciding how to shape your space.

Browse our range of decking accessories here, or pop into any one of our DIY stores in Blackpool, Preston or Wigan, where one of our chaps will be about to lend a word of advice or a helping hand.

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