How long does decking last?

Fit Your Own Decking

Decking is one of the best home improvements you can add to any property; not only does it look great, but it’s incredibly practical too. When you have a deck, you can entertain guests there, hold barbecues there, or simply relax and look out at your beautiful garden; for those reasons, a deck could even add to the value of your property, as long as it remains in perfect condition. People thinking of buying decking often wonder how long it lasts, so let’s take a look at that and how to maintain a deck year after year.

Decking longevity

Decking can come in a variety of substrates, but whether you have hardwood, softwood or composite decking, it’s a very tough and durable material. That means that when you have decking installed, it often comes with a long guarantee. Here at Savoy Timber, our decking boards have been given a highly effective anti-rot treatment before they’re sold, which is a pressure treatment which locks out moisture (and therefore rot). With this guarantee in place, you have every right to expect your deck to stay in great shape for a decade and a half, and with the right maintenance they can last even longer.

Protecting and maintaining wooden decking

Rot is the major threat to the appearance and strength of a wooden deck, so look for decking that has been pre-treated before you buy it and which comes with a reassuring guarantee. Another potential threat to wooden decking is silvering, but regular maintenance can remove this threat. Your deck is exposed to sunlight all year round, and even here in the UK that means it’s also being exposed to a significant amount of UV rays over the years. This can cause the natural colour of the wood to fade, and this produces a silvering effect that you may have seen on decks and other outdoor wooden structures such as fences. To combat this threat, you should treat your deck with a decking stain or oil on an annual basis; the pigments in these specialist products act as a barrier against UV, protecting your decking against the worst effects of sunlight.

applying decking oil

Cleaning your deck

Another potential problem for decking, both aesthetically and from a health and safety point of view, is algal growth. The grooves in decking can collect water and garden debris such as leaves, and that can make them an ideal environment for algae and moss to grow in. This can affect wood and composite decks, and you don’t want your beautiful deck to take on a green tinge. Don’t worry, moss and algae killers can eradicate any algae already there, and cleaning your deck regularly with a hose and sweeping the grooves can ensure that it stays in pristine condition. But don’t be tempted to use a pressure washer if you have wooden decking!

The key to long lasting and good-looking decking is to buy decking that comes with a long guarantee, stain or oil it annually (if it’s made of wood) and clean and sweep it on a regular basis. With these simple steps followed, your decking should last for decades, making it a perfect purchase for any home. We’ve got a huge range of fantastic decking products right here at Savoy Timber, making us your one-stop shop to get your deck ready just in time for spring. You can swing by any of our DIY stores in Preston, Blackpool or Wigan, where our friendly members of staff will be only too happy to provide any assistance or advice you might need.