Get The Look For Less: A Guide To Our Kitchen Worktop Materials

get the look for less: a guide to our kitchen worktop materials

Maybe it’s time for a change. Whether you’re in the middle of a renovation or just fancied switching things up a bit, getting a new kitchen worktop can be a brilliant choice from both a practical and aesthetic view. At Savoy Timber, our laminate kitchen worktops allow you to get the look for less – you can choose whatever look you want for your worktop while still enjoying the consistent hygiene and durability that laminate kitchen worktops have to offer.

Natural Stone Effect Laminate Worktops

nero luna worktop

Natural stone-looking worktops are fantastic if you’re going for a bit of an industrial look, and they’re often pretty unobtrusive as far as colour schemes go, which is always a nice bonus. However, real stone worktops can be very expensive, and on top of that they do sometimes need to be treated very carefully – making them maybe not the ideal choice for an active, family home. Natural stone-looking worktops provide a hard-wearing, cost effective alternative, while still providing your kitchen with natural stone’s instantly recognisable and beautiful aesthetic quality.

  • Marble – Prima Calcutta Marble Radiance
  • Black Slate Matt 30mm Laminate

Natural Wood Laminate Worktops

natural wood worktop

Wood is a favourite choice for homeowners all over the country – it’s adds an undeniable layer of character to a room, and on top of that there’s a great variety of wood species to choose from. This is just one reason that makes our natural wood worktops so popular, and there’s a real sense of satisfaction to be gained from the graft of maintaining a real wood worktop. However, some people find that they prefer to get that same distinctive look but with less of the effort involved, and for those people (maybe you!), natural wood laminate worktops are the perfect choice. They take all the hard work out of the equation by being durable and stain-resistant, and hard-wearing to boot. Like their counterparts, Savoy Timber’s wood laminate worktops are available in a range of stains and colours depending on what best suits your preferences.

  • Blocked oak 30mm laminate
  • Walnut butcher block 30mm laminate
  • Beech butcher block 30mm laminate

Textured Laminate Worktops

textured effect worktop

Textured worktops have a characteristic style all of their own, with rich, unusual detailing that can make your kitchen worktops really stand out from the crowd. They’re great alternatives if the natural stone-looking worktops don’t quite catch your eye.

  • Prima Antique Mascarello True Scale Radiance 40mm
  • Prima Golden Mascarello Radiance 40mm
  • Jamocha Granite Etching 40mm


Quartz/Corian Effect Laminate Worktops

red ruby sparkle worktop

These laminate kitchen worktops are especially popular amongst our customers who aren’t too concerned with such an accurate natural look for their kitchen. Because these shades place less focus on attempting to accurately mimic a material, they allow for even greater variety and some quite distinctive variations! They can add a valuable splash of colour to your kitchen, and what’s more the laminate means that this colour won’t strip or burn off easily – so you can enjoy all the aesthetic benefits with almost none of the downsides!

  • Black Labrador Matt 40mm
  • Crystal Black Sparkle Gloss 40mm
  • Ruby Red Sparkle Gloss 40mm Laminate

Of course, this is just a sample of the wide range of kitchen worktops we offer here at Savoy Timber. You can browse some of our best sellers here, or alternatively pop into one of our local stores in Preston, Blackpool or Wigan, and we’ll be only too happy to lend a helping hand.

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