Our Guide On Choosing An Edge Profile For Your Kitchen Worktop

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When it comes to choosing an edge profile for your kitchen worktop, it can sometimes be quite an imprecise art. Whether you’re finishing off a new kitchen, or just redoing the worktops in your existing one, you might be surprised to find out exactly how much of a difference the various edge profiles can make to the final look of your kitchen. At Savoy Timber, we’re pleased to be able to help with that – that’s why this week, we’ve assembled a quick guide on which sort of edge profile you might want to consider choosing for your laminate kitchen worktops.

Contemporary Styled Kitchens

Contemporary kitchens have seen a surge in popularity in recent years, and there’s no denying their space-age appeal. Their sleek look, high-tech appliances and streamlined, efficient designs are just a couple of the features that make them attractive to homeowners all across the UK, and indeed the world.

To fit in with that contemporary look, here at Savoy Timber we’d generally recommend the Bullnose or Half Bullnose (otherwise known as a Waterfall). In both cases, the top edge arcs over to create a rounded edge rather than a straight one. The difference between them is that the arc of the Bullnose continues all the way around – so there are no sharp edges at all – while the curve of the Waterfall stops to leave the bottom edge flat, hence its name.

Edge Profiles For Industrial Styled Kitchens

Industrial styled kitchens are really on-trend at the moment, and it’s no wonder – they’re designed to give the impression of being raw, solid and powerful, qualities that are always valuable in a kitchen. Clean, straight lines are common features of this sort of kitchen, which contributes well to its overall feel. As you’d guess, then, square edge profiles are the favoured option here – and as a side note, they also work particularly well with stone textured worktops, to really hammer home that industrial look.

Finding An Edge Profile For Traditional Kitchen Worktops

The traditional style is an equally distinctive style that’s especially popular in older period properties. It’s known for its ability to incorporate a feeling of history and nostalgia into its design, helped along by simpler, timeless materials like wood and stone.

For traditional kitchens, we often find that single-bevel edge profiles are the favourite amongst our customers. It’s well-suited to the traditional style; it features a bevel (also known as a chamfer) that turns a normally square-edged worktop into a neatly sloping edge. This gives the worktop a great point of elegant visual interest, but not one so bold that it distracts from the styling of the rest of the kitchen. Overall, it’s the perfect choice to enhance the sense of character and history in your traditional kitchen.

Still not sure which one to choose? In that case, we might suggest taking a quick look at the single pencil edge (or pencil round) profile. It uses the clean lines of a square-profile worktop but, as the name suggests, rounds off those edges slightly. This makes the worktop a good compromise between the Bullnose and Square Edge worktops, and an excellent all-rounder for a number of kitchen styles. Feel free to take a wander into any of our DIY stores in Blackpool, Preston and Wigan to see the various edge profiles yourself, and one of our members of staff will always be on hand with a friendly word of advice!

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