Great reasons to replace your windows in winter

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There are many improvements you can make to your home to make it more efficient, but by far one of the best ways is to replace your old windows. It’s not just a matter of energy efficiency – it can greatly improve your home’s style, too! Here are some more great reasons why you should make the investment.

Better energy efficiency

The first, most obvious reason for replacing your windows is the increase in your home’s energy efficiency. Double glazing consists of two panes of glass filled with a gas that has a greater density than air. This reduces the likelihood of heat loss through the windows. Upgrading your old and draughty windows can actually save you up to 25% on your heating bills each year, which is a pretty hefty saving, especially in winter.

Less noise

Replacing your windows can also see you enjoying a dramatic decrease in the noise levels from outside. When you live on a busy road or street, or near to a school or airport, having a new set of windows installed can make the world of difference to your quality of life. High noise levels can increase your stress levels, which is not great if you work from home. If you want to further reduce the noise levels and add extra privacy to your home office, why not consider replacing your internal doors as well? They will also help to contain the heat, reducing the need to turn the thermostat up a notch when it is snowing outside.

Increased security and peace of mind

Aside from being a great deterrent to burglars, have you considered the fact that brand-new windows can provide you with an extra fire exit? Old, rusty, and painted over windows can be especially hard to open, which poses a serious risk in the case of a house fire. Although in the winter you are likely to want to keep all of your windows closed and locked, you should make sure that everyone in your home knows how to open them should they need to.

Keep the warmth in and the weather out

If you do not replace old and tired windows, unfortunately, the weather will eventually find a way through. Inefficient windows are likely to develop leaks, and excessive moisture can lead to a build-up of mould and mildew. Mould spores pose a significant risk to your health, so you should ideally identify and replace any leaky windows as soon as possible.

Add value to your home

When you update your windows, you are not only adding kerb appeal, but the value of your property will increase as well. In fact, you can expect to see an increase of around 10%, especially since buyers are now looking at energy efficiency levels before putting in an offer.

Easy cleaning and maintenance

Modern windows come in a variety of designs and you can even find a design in keeping with the style of your home. However, they are also made with added features such as ‘tilt-in’, which means you can access both sides of the glass for easy cleaning.

Window Cleaning

If there is one improvement you make to your property this winter, it’s worth putting a new set of windows fairly high on the list!

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