Get The Look With An Upstand For Your Kitchen

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Having discussed splashbacks at length in this week’s blog, this time it’s the turn of a related but separate product – kitchen upstands. Now, they’re quite similar and it’s reasonably easy to get them mixed up, so in this week’s blog we’ll quickly run you through the key differences between the two, before moving onto why you should consider getting an upstand for your kitchen.

What’s The Difference Between A Splashback and Upstand?

upstand and backsplash

A lot of it comes down to functional versus aesthetics. Both splashbacks and upstands stand in front of your kitchen wall, so it can be easy to get them mixed up. But a splashback is normally behind a sink area or cooker, and is intended to actively shield your walls from spitting oils, food stains and…well, splashes.

Upstands, meanwhile, are much shorter and serve more of a decorative purpose, though they do serve a small functional one too. It’s true that they will slightly protect the walls from a couple of low-level splashes, but obviously not to the degree that a splashback will. They extend a little way up from the gap between your worktop and kitchen wall, and they’re primarily designed to disguise the join at that point. As lots of people who’ve fitted laminate worktops will attest (such as members of our staff here as Savoy Timber), sometimes the walls aren’t always ‘true’, which is how these visible gaps occur. Upstands are the easiest and most attractive way to disguise them.

Why Get A Kitchen Upstand?


Well, the first advantage to it should be obvious – if you’re all-too familiar with these sort of gaps between your laminate kitchen worktops and walls, a kitchen upstand is your go-to choice! But even if you don’t have any gaps, there are still tons of good reasons to get an upstand for your kitchen. Many people choose to match them with their worktops, to create a fantastic seamless look that merges the worktops effortlessly with the walls. Whether you choose to match them or not, there’s no denying that upstands present a fantastic opportunity to add your own sense of flair and style to your kitchen.

What’s more, they’re cost-effective too! Nothing we have for you at Savoy Timber is likely to break the bank. They look great and as another bonus they’re really easy to clean, which means that it’s not going to take a ton of effort to keep them looking as good as the day they were installed

At Savoy Timber we’ve got no shortage of options for you, whatever the style of your kitchen. There’s our Black Slate Gloss Upstand if you’re going for an industrial chic look, or a Luxury Black Upstand that will complement a stunning contemporary style.

The choice doesn’t stop there, so before you make a decision make sure to check out our full range of kitchen splashbacks and upstands, so you know you’re definitely getting the option that suits you. It might even be an idea to pop into one of our stores in Preston, Wigan or Blackpool so that you can see your potential purchase in person. In each one of them, our friendly staff will always be about to lend a helping hand or a word of advice should you need it!

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