Easy Ways To Choose The Right Colour For Your Kitchen Worktops

black gloss kitchen worktop

As we’re often saying here at Savoy Timber, the colour of your kitchen worktops has a huge effect on the final look of your kitchen. You can probably understand, then, why we definitely think it’s worth taking the time with your decision! And if you’re a little unsure about what to go for, never fear, we’re here to help. This week’s blog gives you a couple of handy tips on how to choose a colour which will fit with your style.

Choose Light Worktops For A Clean, Contemporary Look

Bright and beautiful sparkle worktops make your contemporary kitchen shine

An easy way to start on deciding on a colour for your kitchen worktops is to think about whether you want something that’s brighter or darker. They each have their own advantages. Lighter laminate kitchen worktops, for example (like our White Sparkle Gloss 40mm worktop), can make the space feel brighter, as they’re great at reflecting natural light. As long as you’re vigilant about caring for your worktops, they give your kitchen an absolutely stunning clean look, which works particularly well with a contemporary style.

Darker worktops, on the other hand, are brilliant for giving your kitchen a richer, more luxurious feel – especially if you have wooden kitchen cabinets or furniture. There’s no denying their commanding visual impact, too; just look at our Luxury Black Sparkle Gloss 40mm worktop for an example of what we’re talking about. Be careful, though – too many dark colours in your kitchen can undermine the impact, and leave it looking a little depressing. To mix things up a bit, pair the darker colours with brighter visual elements in your cabinetry, flooring or utensils (not forks and spoons – we’re talking more toasters and kettles, things like that).

Are Textured Kitchen Worktops Right For You?

slate worktop

Once you’ve made your mind up between light and dark, the next step is to think about whether you want a straightforward, appealing colour, or a bit of visual intrigue in the form of textured kitchen worktops. For a bold, statement style, you can’t beat our Ruby Red Sparkle Gloss laminate worktop, while on the textured side of things we’re finding that our Antique Mascerello Radiance laminate worktop is very popular amongst our customers.

The Mascarello Radiance a prime example of textured worktops mimicking the look of natural materials like stone, wood or granite – but with all the strengths of laminate worktops. That means that they’re more durable, less expensive and they’re both easy and simple to clean. What more could you want?

What Will You Choose For Your Kitchen?

As a final tip from us – if you’re still struggling, it’s always a good idea to choose kitchen worktops that match your flooring. That means that if you’ve got glossy flooring, you might want to think about a glossy finish for your worktops, too. Then again, you might have matt flooring and be quite happy with your glossy worktops – it’s all a matter of taste!

Holding two of our kitchen worktop samples side by side can give you a fantastic idea of how well any two colours can go together. And don’t forget, if you’re properly struggling you can always pop into one of our stores in Preston, Blackpool or Wigan, where one of our friendly members of staff will be only too happy to help out.

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