Don’t Let Your Deck Become Dangerous This Winter

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It’s true that you get the most use out of your decking in the summer months – but that doesn’t mean you should neglect it this winter. Far from it! We’ve recently filled you in on the best ways to prevent mildew from becoming a serious problem for your decking, but there’s another excellent reason for maintaining your decking over winter, too: safety! Decking that’s left to fend for itself in the heavy weather can quickly become not only discoloured, but downright dangerous. So then, how do you stop it?

The Golden Rule: Keep It Clean!

 snow covered deck boards

Ice is a pretty obvious culprit for slips and falls in winter, and decking made wet by rain can be a similarly tricky customer. But though it’s not unheard of, on a day-to-day basis it’s not really ice that we have to worry about. It’s not even the moisture itself – most of the time, the most dangerous and slippery part is the algae and mould that forms on your decking’s surface in these sorts of conditions. Thankfully, it’s reasonably easy to sort out; just keep your decking clear of leaves and debris, which can rot and devolve into the perfect breeding grounds for algae.

Treat Your Decking Early

It’s always a good plan to treat your decking before the coldest (and possibly iciest) weather hits – but you’ve still got time! An anti-slip wood coating painted directly onto your decking can prevent water from penetrating the wood. This not only makes cleaning your decking much easier in the winter, but can even prolong its overall lifespan, too.

Reduce The Risk With Anti-Slip Strips

You may find that it’s next to impossible to avoid crossing your decking during the winter, especially if it bridges the gap between your house and your garden. We’ve got just the thing for that here at Savoy Timber – our anti-slip strips are specifically designed with a gritted surface that provides extra traction for you when moving across your decking, minimising the risk of slips and falls. Like all of our products here at Savoy Timber, they stick to that mantra of DIY Made Easy. They’re simple to fit – all you have to do is screw them into place for a long lasting, aesthetically pleasing non-slip solution.

Thinking About Upgrading Your Decking?

If any of your decking boards are rotten, broken or otherwise need replacement, we also stock an anti-slip decking board. One of the newest products within our range here at Savoy Timber, it’s well suited to areas like steps, or particularly high-traffic areas which might see people moving through it relatively often. Don’t worry about aesthetics – you can rely on it to look just as high-quality as any other decking boards amongst our range!

Maintaining decking over the Christmas and winter can sometimes seem like a bit of a chore, but trust us – when the sunny weather comes around again, it’s well worth the effort. If you need any further advice, or you’d like to see some anti-slip products in person yourself, don’t hesitate to pop into any one of our stores in Blackburn, Preston or Wigan, where one of our friendly members of staff will be only too happy to help.

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