Do You Need A Fire Door For Your Home?

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Fires can start in the most unexpected of places – which, when you think about it, is part of what makes them such a big problem. What’s more, there are certain rules and property regulations that state firmly whether you need a fire door in your home. The question is, does that mean you should have at least one fire door installed in your home? We’ve dedicated this week’s blog to answering that very question – the answer’s not that straightforward!

What Does The Law Say?

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The thing about fire door regulations is that depending on the type of property concerned, they’re quite complex and a little confusing to boot. That’s why here at Savoy Timber we’ve taken the liberty of breaking it down a little for you, giving you the key points so we can hopefully save you a headache. So, say you’re looking at replacing the internal doors in your family home – does the law state that you have to have fire doors? Well, most of the time, no. It does say, however, that in the case of two-storey buildings (which includes family homes), any door that leads from an integral garage directly to the house should be a fire door.

If you don’t have a connecting garage, though, it’s worth remembering that there’s nothing stopping you from installing fire doors in place of regular internal doors if you want. After all, you can never be too safe – and if an emergency ever occurs, you might well end up being thankful you took the time. At Savoy Timber, all of our fire doors meet the FD30 criteria, which means they’re able to protect against flames and smoke for at least thirty minutes. That time could end up making all the difference. (Incidentally, don’t forget to close all fire doors before you leave the house, and just before going to bed. Leaving them open can really defeat the point!)

Proper Fitting Of Fire Doors Is Essential

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A fire door won’t keep you safe from a fire if it’s been badly fitted, so once your fire door arrives, making sure that it’s fitted properly should be amongst your top priorities. If you’re replacing  existing internal doors and you’re planning to use the same frames for your new fire door, these will need to be looked at first. FD30 fire doors are generally about 44mm thick, whereas standard doors are 35mm thick. If you’re not careful, this could end up causing you a bit of a headache.

Don’t worry though – at Savoy Timber, our experienced team of joiners and fitters are always happy to help with any concerns or questions you might have, and that includes fire doors! If you’re thinking about getting one for your home, you can visit any of our stores in Blackpool, Preston or Wigan, or give us a quick call on 0345 0268 799.

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