Decking design ideas for small gardens in the UK

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New decking in your garden can completely transform the space to make it more functional, practical, and fun! But, if you’ve got a small garden designing or planning a deck project might be wondering if you’ve got the space to accomplish what you want.

Designing a deck for a small garden can be tricky, but when planned correctly it’s not impossible. We’ve compiled some of the best decking design ideas and features to suit a small garden.

Think about the space

Before you begin any type of large scale project its best to think about how you want to use the space first. The reason is you’ll need this information to plan seating and to make informed decisions on the rest of the project.

Will the space be used for parties and entertaining? In which case you may want to plan a space for at least a four-person table and chairs. But, if the space is for you to relax and unwind, you might want to make sure you have enough room for an outdoor sofa.

Knowing how you’ll want to use the space is key to planning a decking design, even more so with a small space as you’ll likely have to get a little creative!

Consider adding a pergola

If your garden is narrow or long adding a pergola can help the space feel more like an extension of your house. And depending on how you decide to build it can provide a little bit of protection from the elements.

Pergolas are a simple and easy way to create a very cosy and relaxing space that can also give you some additional privacy from your neighbours. Be sure to check if what you want to build meets the planning permission guidelines. Generally, the maximum height of the structure cannot exceed 2.5 metres above the existing ground level.

Go bold with colour!

Small gardens in particular benefit from large blocks of bright solid colours. Even having white or bright oak coloured furniture can make your space feel more modern and fun. This is particularly great if you frequently entertain friends or family and it’s also a fantastic way to add your personality to the space!

Red Decking

You might choose to add colour to the space by painting your planters, any wooden garden furniture, or even adding coloured accessories like plates, bowls, pillows, or blankets.

Create an outdoor escape

Small gardens are perfect for creating small cosy outdoor escapes!

An outdoor escape may including things like a small water feature, or extra comfy seating for putting your feet up after a long day. You may even want to try and find a few side tables to hold tea or drinks for while you relax.

And when planning or thinking about your outdoor escape don’t for get all of the plants! You might want to consider adding bushy or very leafy plants to make your space feel more private.

All of our suggestions are simply that, hopefully now you’ve got a few ideas while you plan out a small deck for your garden! And if you’re looking to save time and money on your project be sure to check out our DIY decking kits!

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