Creative summer decking ideas for 2019

family on decking

We’re only just halfway through the year, and here on the Savoy Timber blog we’ve already posted our fair share of advice and inspiration on creative ideas for your decking – our most recent post, for example, focused on budget ways to make your garden look unique. Now that the weather is finally (supposed to be) getting brighter, we’re back with more brilliant ideas that you might want to incorporate into your new decking project – or even retrofit to your existing decking! If you need  help getting started, we’ve got some great easy decking kits here at Savoy Timber to make life easier for you. Once you’ve mastered the basics, though, you might want to consider…

An in-built drinks cooler

There are few things better than supping on a refreshing beverage in the comfort and privacy of your own decking, whether that’s an ice-cold fizzy drink or adjective beer. Instead of having to troop back and forth to the fridge indoors each time, wouldn’t it be great if you could just lean down and pick up another chilled one from right there on your decking? Well, with a bit of ingenuity, you can!

Carefully, you can take up one of your existing decking boards, and install several short lengths of half-pipe guttering underneath to fill the gap. (You might want to pick a decking board on the far edge of your deck, to minimise the chances of people tripping on it.) Then, drill some holes in the bottom of the half-pipe for drainage, and fill the length of it with ice. Then, add your bottles and leave them to chill for a bit. It’s a nice party piece, and ideal for summer – but obviously, the safety aspect is one to watch out for during the rest of the year!

Create a hidden storage area

This is another one that’s ideal if you’ve built yourself a raised deck. It’s actually very easy to add a hidden storage area. All you need is a few more boards and your trusty toolbox, to create some hinges which adds a lid over your storage area, between the ground and the undersurface of your decking boards. Depending on what you’re planning to store under there and how much space you’ve got, you might want to consider a tarp at ground level. Depending on the size of the space available, you might even want to put a small drinks cooler down there, which is handy alternative to the idea above. Or, you can use it to store your outdoor gear, or outside toolboxes, footballs or basketballs. Just ensure that it’s something that can survive during the rain, given the notoriously unpredictable British weather!

Use bold colours to create an all-new comfort zone

If you’re not too confident with hammers and nails, you can still make your decking space stand out with some cool uses of vibrant colour. While you might normally opt for something in brown, grey or even white to complement your decking’s colour (whether it’s made from our hardwood decking boards or you’ve gone for a more contemporary styled grey composite decking boards), the summer sunshine is great for highlighting more adventurous experiments in colour! Brightly coloured fabrics and furniture, dedicated for outdoor use, can give a real stamp of personality to your decking – think about purples, pinks, reds or blues. You might even want to think about eye-catching shades of green, to complement the colour of your lawn.

Red Decking

And of course, we’ve got a couple more fantastic ideas for you to consider in our previous posts, including our article on great suggestions to accessorise your decking. You can find everything you need for your decking project right here at Savoy Timber – we’ve got a wide variety of decking boards and kits right here on our site. Alternatively, you can pop into any one of our DIY stores in Preston, Wigan or Blackpool, where any of our friendly members of staff will be only too happy to help!