Cool curved decking ideas you need to see

Curved garden decking

Creating a stunning patio doesn’t mean you have to go with a square – more and more we are seeing decking projects being created with curves.

When done well, a curved patio can create a homely effect making the garden feel more like another room of your house.

The rounded shapes look great if you need to work around other garden features like large rocks or trees or garden additions like hot tubs. They can even help save a bit of garden space if you want a deck in the corner of your garden but don’t want it to take up too much room.

If you’re preparing your garden design and think a curved deck might work for you — here’s some perfect inspiration!



One brilliant option that’s captured a lot of our customers’ hearts recently involves waves which resembles shapes of the green rolling hills of the valley.

These designs are often quite large and generally connect directly to the back of the house. The space created with the rounded shape could be used to centre a large rounded planter or a comfy outdoor chair.

Wave decking designs might not be right for every garden – but if your back garden looks out onto rolling hills or other features it can add a bit more personality.



If you need a solution for an awkward space – a semi-circle deck might be the perfect option! You can put a semi-circle patio into any garden with a 90-degree or “L” shape corner to eat, drink, or entertain. Did we mention it could even help you save on space?

A semi-circle patio won’t take up quite as much room as a square or rectangle – allowing you to still keep more space for turf. Having more turf in your garden could mean having more room for children and pets to run around and play!

Additionally, you might want to consider a semi-circle if you intent to build a complete seating area with or without a fire pit. By building a semi-circle deck it can make the space feel more social because you will all be facing each other – and it will mean no one is too far from the fire.

Stylish curved stairs

Maybe having a curved deck wouldn’t look or be right for your garden. Luckily there’s a way to incorporate a modern curved design without committing to such a large project.

Simply try curving the stairs instead!

We’ve seen quite a few square or rectangular patios with half oval stairs to create interest or to remove sharp edges – which is common with square and rectangular decking.

Remember, the more curves or waves you add to your design, the more work and time it may take to complete your project. As with all projects, we recommend you consider each element of your patio and start work only when you are ready!

If you are stuck and can’t decide on a design, try mapping out your idea in the garden using marking spray – then sleep on it. If the design looks and feels right the next day – then it’s time to get to work!

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