Colour inspiration for individual rooms in your home

living room

If you’re a keen follower of our blog, you’ll know that we recently published a piece about how to narrow down the colour scheme for the various rooms in your home. While it contains some great guidelines and general tips, we’re going one step further this week, with some more specific guidance on few individual rooms. Once you’ve considered the colours that visually suit the room’s proportions (and the most suitable internal doors), it’s then a case of narrowing that choice down further to the ones that best suit the functions of the space. Here are some of our suggestions!

1. Living room

We’ll start with the relatively easy one. This is, after all, the space where you’ll probably be spending the most of your time, so you may well have a reasonably good idea of what you want it to look like already. If you’re still finding your way a little bit, it’s worth considering white, off-white, or cream shades first, as these are usually solid, versatile options that lend themselves well to a wide variety of stronger shades in furniture, rugs or accessories. And if you want something a bit more on trend, you might want to think about a sophisticated grey shade, which are highly popular for contemporary interiors and practical in family homes. Plus, you can layer them with other grey tones, and complement your colour scheme with one of our smart grey interior doors, or even accessorise with flashes of colour here and there from cushions, chairs, tables or fabrics.

If you’re leaning towards something a bit more colourful, on the other hand, blues or navy shades are a good place to start, given their reputation for creating calming, relaxing interiors. Alternatively, shades that are even darker – almost black – can give the space much cosier feel.

2. Kitchen

Again, white can be a good blank canvas to start with here, but really it may well depend on the colour of your existing kitchen cabinets. (Or, if you’re planning to repaint them, what colour they will be!) Grey, deep blue, green or even black are all shades of cabinetry that will be nicely highlighted by a white or cream colour scheme, and you can even introduce warmer contrasts with wood in your dining chairs or table.

On the other hand, warmer and bolder colours work just as well, as the kitchen is a great social space. Vibrant, cheerful colours like oranges or yellows can look brilliant, but if you feel they might be a bit overwhelming you can always think about sticking with a feature wall instead. If you’re a big fan of country or cottage colour schemes, on the other hand, you might want to go for mid toned blues or greens. (And if you’re on the hunt for an interior door to complement those sorts of interiors, we’ve got no shortage of choice in our range of cottage doors and other internal doors, right here on our site!)

3. Bedroom

Your bedroom is the place you’ll probably want to keep it cosy, so you may want to look at the snuggest shades like indigo or maroons in here – you can balance out your darker walls with lighter flooring. If you think darker colours might make it feel too hemmed-in, though, you can choose lighter neutral shades to make it feel more spacious. Or, thinking slightly more outside-of-the-box, you could go for walls in vibrant green, and accessorise here and there with house plants.

Children’s bedrooms can be somewhat trickier, depending on how old they are and how long you plan to leave it before painting it again. (You can paint a newborn’s bedroom whatever colour you want and be fine for a few years, but you might give your teenager less of a say in the colour of their room if they’re only a few months away from moving out!) Young children’s bedrooms look best in yellow, reds, or even denim blues. If you can’t decide between any of them, on the other hand, you might want to go for broad nautical stripes. It’s up to you!

4. Bathroom

You may well find this is an easier and more straightforward choice than the other entries on this list. After all, most people are content to stick with the traditional white for their bathrooms, especially as it helps the space look brighter and cleaner. But if you fancy a change, you can stick with the water theme by choosing something like blue or green, adding a few pops of extra colour with the fabric of your towels. You’ve got plenty of room for experimentation!

And if you’re thinking about replacing your interior doors or kitchen worktops to complement your new colour scheme, we’ve got plenty to choose from right here at Savoy Timber. You can pop into any of our range of DIY stores across the North West (we’ve got locations in Preston, Blackpool or Wigan) to pick your favourites, where any of our friendly members of staff will always be about to lend a helping hand!