Choosing The Right Worktops For A Modern Kitchen

Choosing The Right Worktops For A Modern Kitchen

A beautifully crafted modern kitchen can be a delight. Sleek, chic and beautiful, with clean lines and striking design, contemporary kitchens are an enduring favourite for homes that embrace minimalism and clutter-free comfort.

This week on the blog, we’re taking a look at some kitchen worktops that complement contemporary kitchen design perfectly.

Modern High Gloss and Sparkle Kitchen Worktops

High Gloss and Sparkle Kitchen Worktop

While a big part of creating a modern worktop is ensuring your room and furnishings are fuss free, there’s no reason you can’t inject a little interest in other ways. Laminate kitchen worktops play a big part in the overall look of your modern kitchen, so why not use it to add texture and light?

Our high gloss kitchen worktops will bound light back into the room and contribute to the whole sleek-chic effect. We love the White Andromeda Gloss Kitchen Worktop and the Brown Granite Gloss Kitchen Worktop, both of which feature our stylish square edge finish.

Our Luxury Black Sparkle Kitchen Worktop is another favourite for customers looking to perfect their modern kitchen design – it’s a hard-wearing and budget-friendly laminate that adds a touch of glittering glamour without being overdone.

Square Edge Kitchen Worktops For Modern Kitchens

Antique Mascerello Radiance 40mm Laminate Kitchen Worktop

In modern kitchen design, strong horizontal lines have a starring role to play. Our beautiful square edge kitchen worktops are a perfect choice for contemporary kitchens, adding to the smooth, sharp finish that this bold look requires.

While you might think modern kitchens require modern materials, there’s no reason you can’t harness the beauty of natural textures to finish your room in style. Our premium Everest Gloss 40mm Square Edge Laminate Kitchen Worktop adds a touch of subtle sophistication to any kitchen with its rich black hue and muted patterning.

If the beauty of natural timber is more to your taste, our Blocked Oak 40mm Square Edge Laminate Kitchen Worktop is a perfect pick. Durable, beautiful, and resistant to heat, water and impact, it’s a convincing and low-maintenance alternative to real wood.

For a real statement, why not opt for our stunning Antique Mascerello Radiance Square Edge Kitchen Worktop? It features the popular radiance effect, reminiscent of a polished quartz, and will catch and reflect the light in your kitchen for a bright and beautiful finish.

The rules of a modern kitchen

modern kitchen

Creating a modern kitchen is a simple affair as long as you stick to the rules. You should be aiming for a clutter-free design that features strong horizontal lines, minimal fuss, and sleek, smooth materials.

Let the beauty of your kitchen worktops be a focal point in the room – choose a natural texture like wood or slate to add warmth, or go all-out contemporary with a high gloss or sparkle finish.

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