Check Out These On-Trend Laminate Kitchen Worktops For 2018!

timber look laminate kitchen worktops

January and February seem like only yesterday, so it’s easy to forget that far from being close to the New Year, we’re actually well into 2018. Time flies! On the bright side though, it’s given us plenty of time to observe some of the key trends of 2018 when it comes to kitchen worktops. If you’re considering new worktops for your kitchen, it’s definitely worth taking the time to find out this season’s latest styles – who knows, you may well find something you like!

2018’s Key Trends In Kitchen Worktops

On the whole, it seems to be a season for getting back to basics for homeowners looking to revitalise their kitchen. In terms of aesthetics, we’re talking raw materials and natural textures, and even a touch of traditional style here and there. Dark green, navy and even muddy pink are amongst the favourite colours for on-trend kitchen cabinetry, matching the more adventurous colour palettes seen in many modern kitchens.

That means that as far as worktops are concerned, the colour contrasts look best with genuine timber worktops, or worktops with a rich timber look. We find that many of our customers here at Savoy Timber go for more modern-looking laminate kitchen worktops that mimic the appearance of timber, but with none of the downsides (like increased vulnerability to water damage, for example.)

trends in kitchen worktops

Likewise, brass worktops are making a comeback in a big way, giving a much-needed sense of warmth to many kitchens. Porcelain is another one that’s coming back on the block (so to speak), being notably highly resistant to scratches or stains. Marble and stone are in the midst of a similar comeback, but like timber they’re not quite as cost-effective or durable as laminate. Chips and marks are, at best, very expensive to get out, and at worst nigh-on impossible.

Alongside these, statement worktops, with fascinatingly subtle designs and textures, are seeing another surge in popularity. If that sounds like it’s right up your street, we’ve got good news – you won’t be spoilt for choice amongst our range!

Savoy Timber’s Top Choices Of Kitchen Worktops

If the idea of a timber look worktop got you thinking, you’ll definitely want to check out our Beech Butcher Laminate kitchen worktop. The brighter tone gives it a light and airy feel, which is ideal if you’ve got a kitchen with plenty of natural light.

Meanwhile, if you were mulling over the idea of a porcelain worktop, we might have something even better. Our Pearl White 30mm Laminate kitchen worktop is famed amongst our customers for its modern but slightly textured look – perfect for a clean contemporary kitchen!

rouille laminate kitchen worktop

As for statement worktops, we’ve got plenty of suggestions there, but we’ll restrain ourselves to the Rouille Zenith Compact Laminate worktop. Part of our groundbreaking Zenith range, its ultra-slim profile has already made it a firm favourite for many of our customers, and the subtle, raw-material look makes it a versatile option for traditional kitchens and more modern spaces alike.

This is just a taste of what we have to offer though. It’s always worth paying a visit to any one of our three superstores in Preston, Blackpool or Wigan to see what we’ve got in stock. While you’re there, you can take advantage of the friendly expert advice from our DIY professionals – we’re always here to help!