Handy alternative uses for your decking boards

dog kennel

We know what you’re thinking – it’s far too cold and blistery to be thinking about laying decking and creating an outside seating space now. And you wouldn’t be wrong! However, decking materials are extremely versatile, so we thought it’s worth giving you some tips and creative ideas on how you can use decking boards for some DIY and decorating projects around your home this winter.

Starting with the smallest, easiest projects

Even the smallest of offcuts can come in handy for something around the house. If you’ve recently had your decking laid, you may still have some offcuts to hand. Smaller pieces of wood can be fashioned into general household items like doorstops fairly easily. Or if you’re looking for something a little more creative, you could make use of several pieces to build a birdhouse or bird feeder, which can then be decorated to match your garden’s colouring. 

decking doorstop

And if you’re after something a little craftier…

The beauty of the projects in our medium-sized category is that they can be created in indoor spaces, such as a garage or indoor workshop. These projects are great for keeping you out of the cold and keeping your hands busy and your mind focussed on the warmer months ahead. It’s not uncommon for this cold weather to get us down sometimes, so actively working on a project which you can look forward to enjoying in Summer is likely to help lift your mood in Winter.

Some examples of medium-sized projects that can be built using decking boards are:

  • flower bed boxes & window boxes
  • outdoor shelter for a pet (such as a dog kennel or small rabbit hideout)
  • planting table for a greenhouse
  • crafty garden signage
  • wooden plant pots
  • garden bench

Again, all of these projects allow for experimentation and decoration. For example, you might decide to create hexagonal flower boxes for the garden, or you could come up with some unique ways to layer the wooden panels of your plant pots in order to create some interesting patterns. 

planting tables

Want something a little more ambitious?

Depending on the size of the indoor space that’s available for you to work in, larger projects might best be saved until the weather has improved a bit. However, projects like crafting fencing panels and designing garden paths or stepping “stones” are great to make a start on now if you have the room. Decking panels could also be used to build a treehouse or outdoor den, but bigger projects such as these will benefit from the outdoor space that is allowed with warmer weather.

At Savoy Timber we have a range of responsibly-sourced decking boards in a variety of thicknesses and finishes available for delivery 7 days a week, so you can get started on your project in no time, whether you’re using the boards for their intended purpose or not!