A quick breakdown of our easy fit timber decking kits

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Like a lot of things in life, everyone has their own way of approaching a decking project. Some people like to spec the entire thing – literally – from the ground up, personally selecting each and every board, fixing, and ancillary to build their perfect decking project. If you’re one of those people, we’ve got plenty to accommodate you right here at Savoy Timber!

On the other hand though, sometimes you might not have the time, energy or willpower to get involved in the nitty-gritty side of DIY. Sometimes you just want the project sorted, so that you can get back to enjoying the sunshine. And if you find you’re one of those people, you’ll be glad to hear that this is where our easy-fit timber decking kits can come in handy!

What are Savoy Timber’s easy fit decking kits?

They’re exactly what they sound like! Each timber decking kit contains everything you need to build your dream decking project, including tools, PPE, materials, and instructions. That means you don’t have to spend time shopping around for everything you need, or making a detailed spec for yourself – just snap up a decking kit and you’re well on your way.

It also means that you don’t have to worry about keeping track of quantities of materials. That means there’s no danger of you ending up with too many materials, which can create unnecessary waste. It also saves you from having the opposite problem too: when you get halfway through the project, and suddenly realise you’re a couple of materials short, leaving you with no option but to pause the project halfway through while you make another trip out.

By the same token, it can save you the effort of shopping around, narrowing down your options as you try and work out which of your preferred decking boards are available at the very best value. (It’s the sort of thing that’s a satisfying challenge for some, a tedious chore for others!) Instead, a single decking kit gives you everything you need at a fixed price, giving you added financial flexibility to choose your favourite extra features, such as steps or balustrades.

Benefits of easy fit decking kits:

  • They’re convenient, saving you time and effort
  • Highly cost-effective, making them a great choice if you’re on a budget
  • Minimises waste by giving you exactly what you need
  • Great for aspiring DIY beginners, or if you’re short on time
  • Wide range of sizes available to suit any garden or outdoor space

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How to install a decking kit

As you’ve probably sussed out already, decking kits are assembled in much the same way as any other decking project – you’ll just have even more help along the way! Each kit comes packaged with a set of instructions to take you through the job step-by-step, and there’s no need to cut anything to size – so you can have the entire job done in a single day.

In case you need any help, we’ve got some useful resources available right here on our site, including downloadable instructions, and details of what extra tools and equipment you’ll need on hand, such as Personal Protective Equipment.

A quick tip from us; while it’s technically possible to get the job done solo, we’d always recommend getting help from at least one other person. Trust us, it makes the whole process go even more smoothly. We’d also advise tackling the job on a dry afternoon if possible, partially because it’s just more pleasant that way, and partially because it reduces the risk of slipping on any freshly laid decking boards.

So, that’s the essentials covered! If you’re ready to get started building your own quick-fit decking kit, then you’re in exactly the right place. Here at Savoy Timber we’ve got a great range of decking kits to choose from, in a huge array of sizes to fit any garden. You can get yours at the best price right here on our site, or alternatively pop into one of our DIY stores across the North West, where one of our friendly team will be only too happy to help you!