7 easy ways to make your living room cosier

christmas cover

We’re well into the depths of winter now, a time when most of us like our homes to be warm and cosy. Now, we’ve provided some great tips on how best to keep your home warm in this recent post. Keeping it warm is one thing, though, while keeping it feeling cosy is quite another – if your space just doesn’t feel very inviting, it just won’t seem quite as comfortable! That’s what we’re tackling this week here at Savoy Timber. Obviously, first of all it’s best to think about the style of your internal doors, and what sort of effect they have on the space. Once that’s done, though, here are some more easy ways you can make your home feel even cosier this Christmas.

1. Lay down a fluffy rug, and go crazy with cushions

It’s sometimes surprising how cold that stone and hardwood floors can get around this time of year, but this can easily be offset with a nice fluffy rug. To be honest, even if you’ve got carpets, you still might want to consider getting one anyway, as the visual effect alone can bring a great sense of warmth and texture to a space. The same goes for a couple of comfortable cushions – especially since you can carefully choose their shades to bring a few welcome splashes of colour to your living room.

2. Fire things up a bit

cosy socks

There’s few more comforting things in winter than the sight, sound and feel of a roaring, crackling fire to cosy up to in the cold and dark of winter, especially if it’s raining or snowing outside. (That’s sadly common enough in the UK, unfortunately!) Once you’ve got a fire going, it’s often a great idea to rearrange your furniture so that everything’s facing it – that way everyone gets to enjoy the benefit!

Of course, you might not have a fireplace in your home, in which case you might want to consider a couple of strategically placed candles instead. Their soft, flickering light is a brilliant way to make the room feel more cosy and inviting – just the feel you want for your living room. Most people choose the mantlepiece as a prime location, but you might have your own spots you’re eyeing up for them. Just make sure not to place them anywhere they might be knocked over by a stray elbow, or worse, catch the bottom of some curtains!

3. Hang up some fairy lights

Another fantastic alternative option for lighting a room, fairy lights are especially great for this time of year because of their festive feel. You can choose multicoloured ones to give a cheery Christmas feel, or even pick ones in specific colours. Blue, for example, can give your living room a nicely serene feel, whereas red or orange ones cast a fantastically warm glow, which is brilliant if you want the place to feel even cosier. You can complement these with your choice of Christmas decorations. Porcelain Santas often look especially cheerful in the glow cast by fairy lights, and a wreath hung on a warm oak internal door looks both sophisticated and inviting. What better look for your living room?

fairy lights

4. Paint your walls two-toned

If you’re looking for a fix that won’t go out of season after Christmas, painting your living room can be a worthwhile little festive project. When you have a large room, painting until you’re several inches from the ceiling can make your room feel smaller and cosier. Meanwhile, painting a few inches onto your ceiling can make it feel larger and more expansive. It’s a great trick that you can use to exercise greater control over the sense of scale in your home. You might also want to consider an accent wall – if you’ve got a cream living room for example, a warm dusky red can enhance its inviting atmosphere.

5. Add some rustic touches

Country living spaces are always popular at this time of year, as the idea of a rural country Christmas captures the imaginations of people across the UK. A country Christmas is all about an understated, homemade feel, so bringing in some wooden chairs and furniture can really enhance the cosiness in your home. A wooden coffee table or dining chairs made of oak or wicker can help to capture the feeling you’re looking for (and they’re mostly easily obtainable on the cheap from shops like the British Heart Foundation). Alternatively, you can trade in your coffee tables for some oversized ottomans. Not only can you rest your tea on them – with a tray, of course – but unlike coffee tables, you won’t get huffed at for resting your feet on them. They’re the ideal aid for warming your socks against a roaring fire!

wooden chairs

Going for a rustic timber feel can be a great complement to the look of oak internal doors, too, so if you’ve got those installed you’re already halfway there! If not, on the other hand, you can get them right here at Savoy Timber. We’ve got a fantastic range of doors spanning a number of shades and styles including Mexicano and Palermo, giving you a brilliant range of options for defining the style of your home. You can shop them right here on our site, or alternatively pop into any of our DIY stores in Preston, Blackpool or Wigan, and see them for yourself!