6 Fantastic Reasons To Choose Composite Decking

composite decking

Composite decking might not have always been everyone’s first choice for their decking project, but recently that’s all changing, as more and more of our customers here at Savoy Timber are finding out about the many advantages that composite decking has to offer. If you’re sizing up your own garden for your next decking project – and with a UK heatwave on the way, there’s no better time – it’s well worth getting yourself up to speed!

Here are our top 6 advantages of composite decking:

  1. Low maintenance and ready to use
  2. Durable and hardwearing
  3. Economical and cost effective
  4. Environmentally friendly
  5. Its exceptional safety value
  6. Its amazing aesthetics

So…ready to find out more?

1. Low Maintenance and Ready For Immediate Use

Installation of composite decking is famously quick and easy, since its artificial makeup means there’s no need to stain, sand or paint the material before installation. The benefits here are twofold, as once it’s been put together and completely installed, it’s also brilliantly low-maintenance. It needs very little in the way of re-staining or additional protection, as it stands up well against the elements. For example, composite decking is waterproof, so it doesn’t rot. All told, it’s a very low-hassle solution!

2. Its Longevity and Exceptional Durability

rain on composite decking

You’ve probably already worked this out for yourself, but the fact that it bypasses a lot of the normal environmental wear and tear that regular decking is subjected to means that composite decking is reliably hard-wearing, with a notably strong durability. Obviously the exact duration of its serviceable life can vary depending on both what it’s used for, and how often its used, but you can rest easy in the knowledge that once your purchase your composite decking, you generally won’t have to think about replacement boards for years to come.

3. It’s Economical (And Easy On The Wallet)

Its combination of low maintenance and durability means that composite decking is also notably cost-effective in the long run, even if it might have a higher initial cost. Trust us, over time it quickly starts to level out in all the time and money you save on maintenance! Composite decking doesn’t warp or split for example, and doesn’t lose its colour as quickly as wood potentially can. Your Chesnut Brown composite decking or Autumn Brown composite decking boards. for example, will stay looking just as good as the day you bought them. As we’ve mentioned, replacement boards aren’t an issue you’ll regularly have to face!

4. It’s Particularly Safe For Friends And Family

children on decking

Composite decking is specifically designed to be splinter free and slip resistant, which makes it a great choice for families, as more excitable members (like pets and children) are far less prone to slips or injuries than they might be otherwise. It’s also this quality which makes composite decking an ideal choice if you’re planning to host lots of events or social occasions on your decking, minimising the chances of accidents even in larger groups.

5. It’s Environmentally Friendly

The artificial makeup of composite decking means that (obviously) it uses fewer natural materials than wood decking does. Now, here at Savoy Timber we’re very strict about only getting our wood from sustainable sources anyway, but even so it still makes composite decking a particularly attractive choice for our most environmentally-conscious customers.

6. Its Amazing Aesthetics (With A Wide Range Available)

composite decking types

This one may well be obvious for anyone who’s tried composite decking before, but quite frankly – it just looks tip-top. You’ve got a whole host of options when it comes to colours, including, Black, Ash or Silver composite decking boards. In fact, our Brown Composite Decking Boards are particularly popular – many of our satisfied customers have told us that it looks exactly as good as many hardwood varieties, but without quite as much financial cost, time or energy as hardwood might require in the long-run. Plus, composite decking’s sleek lines and modern finish are perfect if you want a more contemporary look for your decking, or to match your home’s aesthetic.

You know what we’re about to say – here at Savoy Timber, we’ve got a brilliant range of composite decking boards available right here on our website. If you want to see some samples before you commit – as most of our customers do – why not take a trip to any one of our three superstores in Blackburn, Preston or Wigan. We’re always happy to help you with anything you need!