5 ways a sparkle worktop can enhance your kitchen design

Bright and beautiful sparkle worktops make your contemporary kitchen shine

When it comes to laminate kitchen worktops, sparkle worktops remain a popular choice across the UK because not only are they on-trend design but they are practical, easy to clean and come in a range of thicknesses and lengths. Plus, the versatility of laminate worktops makes them popular choices for designers and DIY people alike!

If you’re new to choosing laminate kitchen worktops, you may not have considered all the different ways a sparkle worktop can enhance your kitchen design. We’ve outlined some of the core reasons below, so you can make a more informed decision on whether a sparkly laminate worktop is right for your kitchen!

It looks great!

Laminate sparkle worktops are very on-trend, with their brilliant aesthetics making them a favourite of UK interior designers and homeowners alike. For our budget conscious DIY project people, what could be better than being on-budget and on-trend? Almost nothing.

Luckily, sparkle laminate worktops are easy to install and are available at a range of price points, so you’ll always find something that fits perfectly within your budget. If you are looking to update or refresh an existing kitchen, a sparkle worktop is a great place to start! Many of the new styles come in colours and designs similar to natural stone which will match with existing wooden cabinets no matter what century they are from!

Brightens dark kitchens

If you have a dark kitchen with few windows, limited lighting, or have a kitchen where space is at a premium— have you thought about adding a sparkle worktop? The reflective sparkles will help make it the focal point of the kitchen and draw the eye to it!

Plus the sparkles will help reflect any light in the room to brighten it. If a simple sparkle worktop isn’t enough — you could always opt for the high-gloss version to increase the movement of light in the space!

Bright and beautiful sparkle worktops make your contemporary kitchen shine

Enhances natural light

Enhancing natural light is a key factor that professional designers take into account when creating and designing new kitchens, which makes it a useful consideration for you as a homeowner, too.

This is is another reason why sparkle worktops are so popular – they’re fantastic at enhancing natural light, as the eye-catching sparkles will help reflect light throughout the kitchen. Perhaps the best part about having a sparkle worktop is when the sun comes through the window and shines on it! And the kitchen seems to glow!

Complements bold colours

Amongst two of 2019’s most kitchen design trends are muted colour palettes with pops of colour, as well as extremely bold cabinet colours — either dark or bright.

Now, finding a kitchen worktop to balance and not overpower the colour scheme can be tough. Most sparkle worktops come in very muted colours like white, black, sand, and grey. This is to help give them a large appeal for a wide variety of kitchen designs either contemporary or modern.

And if you’re thinking about a natural stone worktop like marble, we stock several varieties of sparkle worktops whose beautiful finish is very similar to quartz, giving all the brilliant appearance of natural stone but at a fraction of the cost.

Great for entertaining

As summer starts ramping up you may want to consider a new worktop if you will be hosting parties, receptions, or hangouts at your house.

Sparkle laminate worktops are a fantastic replacement if you are entertaining because they look high-end, are easy to clean and are very durable meaning they are resistant to scratches, water and heat to give you peace of mind about the general wear and tear. Plus, if a bit of wine is spilled on the counter it won’t ruin the laminate top, whereas it can ruin stone worktops if left to sit too long.

If you need help or advice, or help in matching your worktops to your cabinets take a picture on your phone and come on down to one of Savoy Timber’s three stores in Preston, Blackpool and Wigan. Our experts are here to help!

And if you have an ‘L’ shaped kitchen and need additional help or services we offer a joining service to help you get the right fit for your worktop without all the hassle!