5 vital questions to ask when choosing new kitchen worktops


Your kitchen worktops make up arguably the most important aspect of your kitchen – not only are they essential for cooking and preparing meals, but their look dictates your kitchen’s entire style. Of course, this all means that when the time comes to get them replaced (or newly installed), it’s by no means an easy decision. So, to help that process as smooth as possible for you, our experts here at Savoy Timber have compiled five questions you absolutely have to ask before you finally commit to your new laminate kitchen worktops. Trust us, you’re saving yourself a lot of bother in the long run!

1. What’s my budget?

To be honest, it’s unlikely anyone’s ever really going to overlook this point, but it’s such a crucial stage that it wouldn’t make sense for us to gloss over it ourselves. ‘Preparing a budget’ can mean different things for different people – for some, it means doing a detailed cost analysis using multiple spreadsheets, whereas for others it just means checking how much money’s currently under the mattress (figuratively or literally).


Whatever works for you, but we will say that like any home project, you need to have a good idea of how much you’re willing to spend. If you’re renovating your entire kitchen from scratch, it can be irritating to overspend on worktops and then have to skimp on cabinetry.

2. What sort of layout have I got available?

If you’re building your kitchen from scratch, it’s important not to get ahead of yourself. Having ‘a good idea’ of what goes where is a start, but we’d definitely advise having your kitchen layout set in stone (so to speak) before you get started in earnest on buying new kitchen worktops. You can always explore looks and styles as you sort out your measurements, but we’d hold off on placing your order until you’ve got the finer details all ironed out.

The advantage of laminate kitchen worktops is the flexibility in their installation – laminate is one of the few materials that can be cut and fitted by a DIY enthusiast, rather than a professional. Plus, when you know the measurements of your space, our we can cut it to size with our professional jointing and fabrication service.

3. How much cleaning am I willing to do?

cleaning worktop

Another beautiful aspect to laminate kitchen worktops is that they’re exceptionally easy to clean – far more so than other natural materials like wood or stone. So the question is not the ease or efficiency of the cleaning itself, but simply how often you’re willing to do it. Remember, if you’re going for lighter options for your laminate kitchen worktops, they’re going to show up marks and stains far more easily than darker options, so you’ll need to be quick off the mark (pardon the pun) if you want to keep your worktops looking spotless.

This can be tricky in a busy family home, or if you’ve got skittish pets (like cats, for example). We’re not saying anything against bright contemporary laminate kitchen worktops – we’ve got a wide selection of them here at Savoy Timber, after all – but you may find they require a bit more investment of time than darker shaded worktops, depending on exactly how house-proud you are.

4. What sort of edge profile should I choose?

If you’re wondering “what is an edge profile?” – it’s essentially the fabricated detail along the edge of your worktop. We’ve provided a quick guide to a couple of different edge profiles in this previous post. It’s often underestimated in terms of its role within your kitchen. It can have an effect on style – industrial kitchens, for example, frequently make use of ABS square edges to achieve that raw, powerhouse feel. But it’s a practical consideration too; if you’ve got a family, square edge worktops can be downright dangerous for younger children if they’re known for running about at full pelt. Instead, most parents prefer to go for rounded options like the bullnose edge profile, which can quite literally take the edge off any accidents.

5. What sort of style do I want?

Ah, this is the big question! If you’re wondering where to start, you can think about the style or period of your home. Do you want to be faithful to that, or go for something completely different? Lots of people separate the two main styles into traditional and modern, but within that you’ve also got more specific styles like contemporary, industrial or farmhouse – or any combination of the above!

30 onyx

Again, this is where laminate kitchen worktops really shine. If you’re thinking about stone worktops, our stone-effect options (like our Onyx Olympus 30mm laminate worktop, above) can give your kitchen exactly the look you want, without demanding the intensive care and maintenance of the real thing. And if you can’t make a decision, it’s worth noting that combining worktops is very on-trend, so you might even be able to have your cake and eat it, too! (Although whoever buys a cake without eating it, we have no idea.)

Here at Savoy Timber, we’ve got a vast range of kitchen worktops for you to choose from. You can start browsing our range right here on our website, or stop by any of our superstores in Preston, Blackpool or Wigan to see our worktops in the flesh. Don’t forget, our friendly members of staff are always about to lend a hand if you need it!