5 practical ideas for an L shaped kitchen

L-shaped kitchen

Practicality is always a plus when it comes to kitchens. An ideal kitchen is a neat space that offers you both culinary creativity as well as space for socialising. The L-shaped kitchen offers plenty of opportunities to achieve both of these. If you’re looking for the chance to show off your brand-new laminate kitchen worktops but want to get your L shaped kitchen looking perfect beforehand, we’re here to help. So, without further ado, here are 5 practical ideas for your L shaped kitchen.

Effective Storage

Let’s start with a simple one. An L-shaped kitchen usually offers plenty of storage space, with cupboards situated above and below the worktop. This means the average L-shaped kitchen will have around 8 cupboards as well as a set of drawers. The best way to get the most out of this storage space is to store kitchenware based upon priority and location. For example, larger kitchen utensils such as pots, woks and pans could be stored as close to the oven as possible, so you’re never too far from them whilst cooking. This is actually quite common practice in many households but doing so offers a practical space-saving opportunity for you and your kitchen and can be very effective in increasing its practicality.

Make use of corners

Corners are an under-utilised element of an L-shaped kitchen. This could be an ideal space to add some natural aesthetic with a touch of greenery. Or perhaps it could be where you leave your cereal boxes for those mornings when you’re rushed off your feet. It may even be the perfect location to show off that crockery you only use for special occasions!

Add some seating

Want your L-shaped kitchen to become a kitchen diner? Easy – just add some seats. Even if you have a kitchen that’s on the smaller side, the addition of a bar stool at the end of the line of cabinets allows you to create a new and practical space that can be used for eating or relaxing in the kitchen. This can prove especially beneficial when you find yourself in a rush, as it means you can prepare and eat in the same space. The addition of some seats or stools can prove incredibly practical, particularly for those with a busy household.

kitchen with island

Island Living

The addition of a kitchen island is something that many new homeowners have been doing over the past few years and it’s easy to see why. The island adds a whole new dimension to a kitchen, especially if it already has an L-shaped unit. The kitchen island allows you to separate the social and culinary aspects of the kitchen by offering plenty of space for extra storage, as well as a seated dining area. Of course, a larger kitchen is preferable for islands, but given the openness of these spaces, there are plenty of options to work around them. Considering how much they boost the practical aspects of the L-shaped kitchen, they’re definitely worth bearing in mind if you’re looking to overhaul your kitchen space.

Open up your kitchen

Similar to the rise of the kitchen island, open plan kitchens are also rising in popularity. Once again, this is primarily to increase the social aspect of your kitchen, with the open space often being connected directly to the living room or dining room. Removing a wall also makes your L-shaped kitchen area feel a lot more spacious and opens up the opportunity for further storage options. Whilst this would entail quite a substantial change to the shape of your home, the benefits it offers to the overall practicality of your home could be huge and we would certainly recommend taking an open-plan layout into consideration.

As you may have noticed, we’ve scaled these different ideas up from the smallest to the largest. The first three ideas are viable for pretty much any L-shaped kitchen, whilst islands and open-plans may require more space. However, we recommend getting creative and working with your own ideas, after all, you want a kitchen that works perfectly for you and your family!

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