5 golden rules for lighting your decking in winter

winter garden decking

Your decking shouldn’t be left out in the cold this winter, as it can be a place you can still really enjoy despite the dark nights and the freshness in the air. You just need to get the right ambience and feel for the season and the best way to achieve that is with your lighting. Whether you have timber decking or composite decking, here are five golden lighting rules to follow to make your deck the perfect spot for relaxing under the winter sky, necking mulled wine and chilling (but not literally) out.

1. Illuminate for safety

Before you turn towards style and design, the first thing to do is fit some safety lights. The cold, wet and dark aren’t the best combos with decking and can create slippery patches and trip hazards that can certainly put a dampener on your enjoyment. So, brighten any dim corners and walkways with spotlights, or better still, run LED strip lights along and around these decking areas, so they’re illuminated and safe to navigate. As an added bonus, they’ll also look smart and sophisticated.

2. Make the most of the strings

It doesn’t have to be Christmas (although at least you’re in the right season) to hang fairy lights and string lights around your decking. While they will bring a festive feel, you can use different coloured lights to contrast against any evergreen plant life or dark garden furniture. By running string lights along walls and other structures they can also accentuate their corners, curves and features. But if you really want to push the boat out, you can hang them overhead and across one another to meet in middle of your decking – which can look like you’re in your very own Scandinavian tipi.

decking lights

3. Go low

It’s not just about what’s above you, what’s below also matters and by placing spotlights under your decking, on the underside of features or around the borders, it creates a stunning dimly lit ambience. Low level lighting is also better protected from the elements meaning they’ll last longer as well!

4. Be energy efficient

Speaking of lasting longer, it’s worth investing in LED lights that are more energy efficient and which have a superior lifespan to standard bulbs. You’ll also save on your electricity bills if these are plugged into the mains. There are also solar powered lighting options you might want to look at too if you want to be truly mindful of your energy use.

5. Make a statement with real candles

It’s not just about the lighting you power, you can create a calm and welcoming decking by simply using a few candles. Naturally, these aren’t suited to all weathers and you need to place them securely and away from any flammables, but on a cool, crisp winter evening they’ll be the perfect place to get cosy with family and friends. To really add a truly festive feel, get some cinnamon or mulled orange scented candles as well – tis the season after all.

The fundamental feature to all of this is of course your decking, so if your timber decking is looking tired, your composite decking is crying out for a revamp, we can help. Here at Savoy Timber we stock a wide range of decking kits, boards and accessories that can give this space a new lease of life for winter before you brighten it up with your lighting. Equally, if this piece has inspired you to get some decking down in your gardens, we have just what you need.

Take a look through what we have online or if you want to see our selection of decking in person, we have stores located in Wigan, Preston, and Blackpool. Alternatively, you can call us on 0345 0268 799 to find out more.