5 essential elements in your garden design

Installing Composite Decking

Things have already started heating up for the UK on the weather front, and since we’re all spending more time in our homes as of late, it’s no wonder that we’ve seen a surge in customers looking to get started on their decking project. For many people, decking is an essential part of their garden’s overall design – so this week here on the blog at Savoy Timber, we thought we’d take a quick look at what other aspects fit into that category!


It makes sense to kick off with the obvious. Decking has always been a popular garden feature, but that popularity has skyrocketed especially in recent years – perhaps unsurprisingly given the considerable heatwaves we’ve enjoyed here in the UK! There’s more choice than ever for customers (not least right here on our site here at Savoy Timber), and with easy fit decking kits on the market, it’s never been easier to construct a good looking deck in your garden.

the size and look of decking

Decking fulfils three key requirements that make it a perfect fit for your garden – it’s useful, it’s versatile, and it’s great to look at. It can serve as a handy home for a table and chairs to create an outdoor dining area, or something a little more contemporary. As long as you’re able to give it regular care and attention with oils and treatments, it’ll stay looking fantastic for years to come.

Paved area

Paved areas are one of the most common fixtures you’ll see in most modern gardens. It’s another natural home for outdoor dining or relaxing, and in fact can serve many of the same functions as decking. They don’t have to be mutually exclusive, either – far from it! You can choose paving slabs that match or complement the colour of your decking, or vice versa, helping you to maximise the useful space in your garden while opening up opportunities to create stunning visual effects.


The lawn is a much-treasured aspect of any garden. Especially so in a family home, since it gives children and pets plenty of room to run and play in safety, and open up some room to spend some quality time with the family. It’s also fantastic from an aesthetic point of view too – there’s nothing quite like seeing your garden transform into all its verdant glory once the Spring and Summer sunshine comes around. Of course, like your decking it does require some care and attention to be thrown its way every so often, but thankfully one the most intensive tasks is mowing it. As long as you keep it trimmed and you’re on top of it, it has an almost immeasurable effect in brightening up your garden.

Plants and flowers

Speaking of natural life in your garden, almost no garden is complete without a bit of plant life. It doesn’t have to be anything particularly stunning or demanding – it all depends on how much of a green finger you have! You can get cracking on a variety of horticultural feats, like shaped hedges and other such ‘architecture’, or just keep it simple with a few brightly coloured plants here and there to give your garden a bit of extra visual pizzazz, making it a more comfortable and attractive place in which to spend time with your family.

planting tables

Water feature

OK, so we know that not everyone has space for a water feature – but if you’ve got one, it’s always a lovely thing to have around! It serves as a brilliant focal point in your garden’s design, and what’s more it actively encourages wildlife and even aquatic life in your garden within the feature itself – whether it’s a flowing fountain or a simple pond. A fountain is the dream for plenty of homeowners, as the sound of flowing water is uniquely relaxing!

Of course, each space is different, so what you have in your garden is all up to you! We’re not experts in water features or paving stones here at Savoy Timber, but we can certainly help with great value decking parts to kickstart your project. You can find everything in our decking range from easy fit decking kits to composite decking boards – and if you’ve got any questions or need any advice, don’t hesitate to get in touch!