5 easy ways to get a classy kitchen on a budget

square edge worktop

Everybody loves a classy kitchen, which is why it can be all the more challenging when you’ve got a limited budget to achieve yours. Fortunately though, that old adage applies here – limitations breed creativity. There are all sorts of easy ways you can get yourself a classy kitchen without breaking the bank, and with our wide range of laminate kitchen worktops for sale here at Savoy Timber, you can rely on us to know some of the best ones. Here are five of our favourites!

Be selective with your compromises

It can be easy to forget that just because you’re on a budget, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy one or two expensive purchases for your kitchen – it just means you have to be more selective about exactly what those purchases are. So before you commit any money to any element in your kitchen, take a moment to think about areas where you’re willing to compromise, and areas where you’re not.

Generally, you might want to save the bigger proportions of your budget for the areas that are most on display. If you’re considering a kitchen island for example, you might want to splash out more on an exceptionally classy-looking effect for that one, and settle for even cheaper worktops for the surrounding surfaces. Or, if you’ve found a tile that you like but you think it will be too expensive for the entire kitchen, you can limit it to a splashback, so you can enjoy the effect without the full expense.

Carefully consider the colour scheme for your kitchen

This is often an easy shortcut to a classy look, since there are certain colours that we tend to associate with luxury. Contemporary white colour schemes, for example, are often thought of as particularly classy, and you can enhance that effect with little touches like gold handles and flashy-looking small appliances. Purple and navy blue are also both colours that are typically associated with luxury, albeit the former is quite a bold one to choose for your kitchen, so it may again be best suited to the smaller appliances.

When you’re choosing the colour scheme for your kitchen though, don’t forget to balance it out with the amount of natural light that the room gets. If it gets plenty of natural light in through the windows or doors, you’ll probably have more freedom to experiment with darker colours. If it gets relatively little on the other hand, then you might find these can end up being a little gloomy, which can undercut the classy look you’re going for. Instead, you might want to lean more towards brighter and lighter colours and reflective surfaces, helping light to bounce around the room to make it seem more airy and spacious.

Laminated kitchen worktops

Choose wonderful wall decoration, and think about the little touches

If you’ve got any artwork, containers or ornaments in your kitchen already, it’s worth casting your eyes over those, and thinking about how cohesive they’ll be with your new classy style. You might want to remove dusty or unused cooking books, for example, or broken ornaments. Just as with your budget above, try and force yourself to be more selective – one or two ornaments can give a far classier and more understated look than having surfaces too crowded with odds and ends.

It’s also worth bearing in mind that metallic elements are good for classy kitchens – if you’re going for the contemporary look, you’ll be well served by silver cutlery and polished ornaments. If you prefer a more industrial style for your classy kitchen on the other hand, you can look at copper touches in your pots and pans, or in the handles of your cabinetry. If you’d like, you can mount these on the walls along with your best knives, for practical and authentic touches that give your kitchen extra character.

Fit cheap carcasses with quality kitchen doors

Alongside your worktops, your kitchen cabinetry has one of the biggest overall effects on the look and feel of your space, so it’s worth paying extra-special attention to these. We’ve previously talked in detail about how your kitchen doors and cabinetry can be a brilliant way to transform your kitchen on a budget. With just a new colour or a new lick of paint, you might be surprised at the scale of the change! As well as the actual colour itself, the finish that you choose can also instantly change the feel of the whole space, so it’s worth thinking about whether you’d prefer matt, high gloss, wooden, acrylic, or a range of other options.

Select new laminate kitchen worktops

As we’ve just touched upon above, switching out your worktops is one of the single best ways to change the look of your kitchen. What’s more, the huge range of different laminate kitchen worktop styles we have available here at Savoy Timber means that you’ve got plenty of choice to pick out the one that fits your vision for your kitchen. Some are designed to echo a naturally-occurring material, like our marble-effect laminate kitchen worktops, whereas others are designed for a different kind of ‘wow factor’, like our high gloss laminate kitchen worktops.

If you’re dead set on a classy kitchen, we’d be remiss not to mention our ultra-thin Zenith solid compact worktops, available in a growing range of shades, each one perfect for making the ultimate style statement.

You can browse them all right here on our site here at Savoy Timber, or at our DIY stores in Blackpool, Preston or Wigan. We’re dedicated to helping you to shop safely during the ongoing Covid-19 situation, so don’t forget to check our latest Covid-19 service update before you visit!