4 ways to make the most of your decking in summer 2021

summer decking

The nation got some bad news this past week – although let’s be honest, we were kind of expecting it, weren’t we? We’re talking, of course, about the announcement that June the 21st is not to be ‘Freedom Day’ after all, in which all legal restrictions on social contact would be removed. Instead, it seems we’ll have to wait a few weeks more at least, which leaves certain pastimes off the table for the time being.

Happily though, the same can’t be said for spending time out on your decking, either alone or in the company of friends or family, especially since right now, it’s one of the safest ways to socialise! With that in mind, we’ve got one or two suggestions for how you can make the most of summer out on your decking. Here are some of our top favourites!

Set up your decking for outside working

Though the nation started a slow return to the office some time ago now, there are still plenty of us who like the idea of home working, and have decided to stick with that for now. If you’re one of those people, your decking is the perfect place to get productive, while still enjoying the lovely sunshine. (Plus let’s be honest, sometimes it can be even more pleasant to have the space to yourself when everyone else is out at work.)

If you use a laptop, it shouldn’t be at all difficult to get yourself sorted. All you need are a few extension leads, a stable surface, proper seating and maybe an umbrella or shaded area so that there’s no excessive sunlight making it tricky to see your computer screen. (And don’t forget proper seating – it might seem tempting to do the entire workday sat in a deckchair, but shoulders and back might not thank you afterwards!). Now, we know that the viability of this will depend heavily on what you actually do for a living, but if your job allows it then it can be a great way to get some sunshine in without having to take any time off.

Get some heating out onto your decking

With further delays to the easing of the final restrictions, there’s not yet been any progress on how many people we’re allowed to have in our gardens, so it’s possible that any larger gatherings you’ve got planned will have to be delayed until the tail end of the summer months. And even if that’s not the case, let’s be honest, the weather can get a little unpredictable even in the British summertime, so you might find yourself trying to socialise in your garden in somewhat milder weather than you might have expected.

For those moments, it can always be handy to just be able to turn the heater on, banishing any lingering chills and just keeping everyone calm and comfortable. And similarly, it’s a helpful for when you just want some alone time out on your decking, away from the house for whatever reason, but it’s just a little bit on the chilly side.

fire pit

Install a fire pit

Now obviously, this is one of the more ambitious endeavours, and you do definitely have to be careful how you do it. Timber decking will require the most amount of care, although many timber decks are made with heat-retardant and flame-retardant wood. That means it’s not massively flammable as such, but it can still certainly be vulnerable to heat. The same broadly goes for composite decks too.

In other words, realistically you’ll probably be less concerned with accidentally creating an apocalyptic inferno, and more concerned with burning or singeing your decking boards. (Although if one of them ever does get damaged for whatever reason, don’t forget that you can buy replacement decking boards from us right here at Savoy Timber!)

You can shield your decking from damage with the use of a ‘heat barrier’, and there are a couple of ways to get one. For example, you can use a patio slab to separate the two, and use a stand. Take care not to put the bowl directly on the deck, as this is one of the easiest ways to accidentally singe it. There are also fire pid pads or heat proof floor mats you can buy, which serve basically the same purpose.

Create a cosy reading area

There’s something uniquely and universally calming about being able to read your book out there alone in the warm sunshine, which makes it a perfect way to relax out there on your decking. You can enhance that sense of relaxation by setting up part of the space as a dedicated reading area, and find little bits and pieces to make it exceptionally cosy. Maybe the comfy chair you normally keep in the lounge or conservatory, and perhaps a small structure to keep the sun out of your eyes – which can be anything from a strategically placed umbrella through the centre of your table, all the way through to a full pergola. It all depends on how ambitious you’re feeling!

These are just a few of our top suggestions, of course – you might well have some of your own! Whatever you’ve got in mind, we’ve got plenty of things to help you make that vision a reality here at Savoy Timber, from complete composite decking kits to add-ons and accessories such as handrails, spindles and panels. You can shop them right here on our site, or visit any of our DIY stores in Blackpool, Preston or Wigan. We’re dedicated to helping you to shop safely during the ongoing Covid-19 situation, so don’t forget to check our latest Covid-19 service update before you visit!