4 ways that your kitchen’s flow can make family life easier

kitchen with island

The kitchen is without a doubt the hub of the home. It’s where you cook meals for your family, entertain your friends, and teach your kids how to bake cakes. It’s full of life, and it needs to be designed with that in mind. Everything you incorporate, from easy-wipe laminate kitchen worktops to a kitchen island for quick family breakfasts, should make your life easier, not harder. It can be quite a tall order to design a kitchen that suits your family, but the best place to start is with its flow.

1. It can help you cook like world-famous chefs

It’s well-known that chef kitchens are made using zones, putting kitchen flow at the core of their design. So, if you want to be the next Gordon Ramsey, it’s important you do the same! By creating a flow within your space, you’ll have different zones for different areas. You might have one zone for chopping vegetables, which is where you’ll keep your chopping board and knives, and another zone for blending spices, which is where you’ll keep your spice rack and pestle and mortar. Once you start cooking in zones, you’ll wonder how you ever did it any other way.

2. Keep your kids out of danger

If you often have little ones in the kitchen when you’re cooking, the correct flow can keep them safe. By incorporating a baking area with a stool for your child that’s well clear of your oven, stove, and any sharp knives, you know that there’s nothing near them that can hurt them. Once they have their own zone, it’s much more likely that they’ll stay out of the danger areas.

3. Create a room for all the family

A kitchen is usually a communal space. But, if you design without flow in mind, you could end up with a room that feels cluttered when more than one person is moving around at a time. A good flow should make movement easy, with wide spaces between your units for two people to move past each other and a spot for someone to sit or stand if they want to chat without getting in your way.

open plan family kitchen

4. Entertain guests with ease

If you ever have guests over for dinner, you’ll know that a kitchen you can entertain in is a must. After all, who wants to disappear to check the food when you’re in the middle of having fun? To ensure you don’t miss out on the laughs, create a social kitchen where your guests can hang out and have a tipple whilst you cook. A kitchen island with seating is ideal for this, giving you ample space to prepare food and a table for hungry guests.

If you haven’t thought much about the flow of your kitchen, this is your sign to start! If you’re in the process of renovating your space, be sure to take a look at our range of kitchen products right here at Savoy Timber, including laminate kitchen worktops. Visit one of our shops in Blackpool, Wigan, or Preston, and our staff will be more than happy to help you.