4 Top Tips On Caring For Your Black Kitchen Worktops

4 top tips on caring for your black kitchen worktops feature image

Our laminate kitchen worktops are ever-popular purchases here at Savoy Timber. Like almost everything else, they always look their best when they’re being cared for properly, so that reason we want to make sure you’ve got the knowledge and the know-how to do it yourself. Black worktops can be tricky customers in particular, and that’s why this week on the blog, we’re covering the best ways to care for your black laminate kitchen worktops.

Here are four simple steps to keeping your black kitchen worktops in tip-top condition:

  1. Protect them from heat damage
  2. Don’t let spills dry
  3. Be careful of scratches
  4. Stay aware of chemicals

Right then – ready to get into the details?

  1. Protect Your Worktops From Heat Damage

    heat resistant

You may already know this if you’re an avid follower of our blog, but laminate kitchen worktops are actually renowned for their high heat resistance. Having said that though, it’s all relative! Eventually, the heat from hot pans and crockery will start to make their mark – literally. Nobody wants a sleek black laminate worktop that’s covered in dark circles, so to avoid this, it’s always a good plan to put a mat down before you move any pots or pans off the hobs.

  1. Don’t Let Water Damage Affect Your Worktop

Don’t leave spills hanging around on your black kitchen worktop. Water-resistant the laminate may be, but as we’ve touched on above, it takes a lot less damage to easily show up on a black worktop, so you’ll want to do everything you can to avoid even the lightest of damage. Don’t scrub at it – instead, blot all liquid spills with a handy paper towel. When it’s been soaked up, use a mild dishwashing detergent and soft sponge to mop up the remainder. Other methods might leave you with scratches or smeary marks, neither of which are ever things you want marking your lovely black worktop.

  1. The Soft Touch Works Best

Black worktops look absolutely beautiful when they’re pristine, and they need a bit of TLC to avoid spoiling that loveliness with any scratches or marks. As well as using softer cleaning equipment, make sure that you don’t use a knife, cleaver or other sharp utensil directly against the surface of your kitchen worktop. Instead, when you’re chopping up or doing anything which requires a some brute force, put down a mat or use a chopping board. There are lots of things that don’t appreciate being hammered to oblivion or poked with a sharp knife, and your black kitchen worktop is one of them!

  1. Ease Up On The Abrasive Chemicals

     cleaning worktops

Something else you should spare your black kitchen worktop from is bleach, or any other harsh, abrasive chemical. While there’s no denying it’s a fantastic cleaning material, it’s this same merciless effectiveness that makes it a bit too hard on your lovely black kitchen worktop. Instead, water and a sponge is the way to go, and as we’ve mentioned above a tiny bit of detergent sometimes doesn’t go amiss.

Here at Savoy, we’ve got no shortage of black kitchen worktops for you to choose from, in a variety of styles and thicknesses. You can go for our ever-popular Black Sparkle Laminate Gloss 40mm kitchen worktop, or add an extra touch of class with our Luxury Black Sparkle Gloss kitchen worktop. It’s all up to you!

Remember, if you fancy seeing your worktops in the flesh, you can pop into any one of our stores in Blackpool, Preston or Wigan, where you can also get a bit of friendly help and advice from one of our enthusiastic members of staff.

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